Hot Summer Sex Positions That’ll Keep You Feeling Cool

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9 Sex Positions to Try When It’s Hot AF Outside

Hot Summer Sex Positions That'll Keep You Feeling Cool

9 Sex Positions to Try When It’s Hot AF Outside

New experiences with your partner, whether taking a trip, pursuing a hobby or exploring fresh ways to get off, help to strengthen both the relationship and bond you share.

One easy way to keep things lively and fresh in the bedroom? Add a few new sex positions to your repertoire. With temperatures on the rise as we head into those warm summer months, you’re going to need sweat-free ways to stay cool while getting it on. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to position yourself to help get the job done without turning your sheets into a swamp.

Sure, going hard enough that it looks like you just took a shower can add to the experience, but too much body moisture definitely makes it … well, gross. To help avoid that, we asked a few sex experts to share their best hot summer sex positions that’ll keep you and your partner comfortable and satisfied all at the same time.

1. The Wet Dog

This vertical take on doggy-style takes you outside the bedroom and into the bathroom, getting both parties wet without all that sweat.

“Have the receiver stand with their feet spread and knees slightly bent, supporting themselves with their hands on the wall of the shower,” explains Alicia Sinclair, CEO of COTR, Inc. “When the receiver is bent over at about a 45-degree angle, the other partner can then enter from behind. Everyone can keep two feet on the ground, no acrobatics required.”

2. The Palm Tree

Hot Summer Sex Positions That'll Keep You Feeling CoolCarlee Ranger

This standing oral sex position can be done on a tile floor or against a fridge for added cooling benefits.

“The receiver stands naked against a flat surface like a wall,” says sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs. “Their back is cooled from the contact of the wall with the giver is on their knees in front of them on the floor. Feel free to add a pillow for their knees … don’t try to be a hero.”

3. The Horny Pool Boy

An easy standing position you can execute poolside to cool off after things start heating up.

“The man stands with his back against the side of the pool while his partner puts her legs around him,” says certified sex therapist Dr. Rachel Needle. “Grab a hold of your partner’s hips, moving her back and forth and pulling her closer to you.”

4. Open Sesame

Hot Summer Sex Positions That'll Keep You Feeling CoolCarlee Ranger

A position that requires little body-to-body contact, this one allows you to change up the angle and depth of penetration by adjusting her legs.

“She lies on her back on the edge of the bed and lifts her legs into the air to form an open ‘V,’” explains Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D., host of the “@SexWithDrJess” podcast. “The other partner stands on the floor next to the bed between their legs and holds their partner’s ankles in their hands.”

5. Summer Scissors

Mood strikes while you’re sunbathing? This take on scissoring can be done in any lounge chair.

“She lays on her side and spreads her legs, allowing you to penetrate her from the side,” explains Needle. “She can choose to turn her head and look at her partner at times or stay face forward.”

6. Leg-Up Lovers

Hot Summer Sex Positions That'll Keep You Feeling CoolCarlee Ranger

This standing position makes both parties work equally without making you exerting too much energy.

“Stand next to a chair, have one partner lift their leg and put their foot on the seat of the chair,” says O’Reilly. “The other partner slides in from below. You can lean back to create space and indulge in the intimacy of close-proximity eye contact.”

7. Summer Straddle

Things leaning towards a summer quickie? You can probably do this one with most of your clothes on.

“Have the giving partner sit, while the receiving partner straddles their lap,” says Sinclair. “The giving partner can simply unzip their pants, or put a strap-on over their clothes while the receiving partner can simply shift their underwear to the side. This face-to-face position can be super intimate, even if you keep your top on. It can easily be done in a car or closet, too!”

8. Summer Acrobats

Hot Summer Sex Positions That'll Keep You Feeling CoolCarlee Ranger

You’ll need to be a bit flexible to execute this one, but with your stomachs apart, that means less of a chance to build up body heat.

“The penetrative partner stands upright and the other stands in front facing away,” says O’Reilly. “The front partner bends over, placing their hands on the floor and lifting their legs to wrap around their partner’s waist.”

9. Linked Dogs

Ready to get a little creative? Both people will have to lift their bodies off the bed in this position, allowing you to rock into orgasm in mid-air.

“Both partners kneel on the bed facing one another,” says O’Reilly. “Both bend one knee to place a foot flat on the mattress – one can rest their bent leg over the other’s, if necessary.”

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