Spooning Sex Position

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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the World’s Laziest Sex Position

Spooning Sex Position

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the World’s Laziest Sex Position

If you own more than one spoon, you can likely imagine the position and benefits of spoon sex.

Stacking two bodies beside one another is undoubtedly more involved than putting silverware away, but if you’re new to the spooning sex position, there are plenty of reasons to try it.

Low-effort but still lots of fun, this classic position benefits both partners involved — and did we mention it’s super easy to execute?

That being said, like any sex position, it does have a handful of downsides. Here’s everything you need to know about the spoon position, as told by experts and enthusiasts:

What Is the Spoon Sex Position?

If you’re familiar with doggy style, the spoon sex position is a variation thereof, done lying down on your sides.

“Like two spoons stacked together, the two bodies are stacked together with one person’s butt pushed into the other person’s groin region,” explains Dr. Jenni Skyler, LMFT, certified sex therapist for AdamEve.com. “The legs are typically bent, and heads are nestled close to each other.”

If you’re having trouble picturing it, here’s an illustration:

Spooning Sex Position

Illustration by Carlee Ranger.

In any spooning scenario, there’s someone who plays the role of the “big spoon” (the partner in the back), who cradles the “little spoon” in front.

When it comes to cuddling, which partner plays which role is largely up to preference (though the bigger partner may have to maneuver to curl themselves up more if they want to be the small spoon).

In a sexual scenario, the penetrating partner plays the big spoon so that they can enter from behind; hetero couples will often find this a familiar dynamic if the penetrating partner is a man and larger than his female partner, but queer couples or straight couples who want to explore pegging play may want to experiment with switching things up.

Benefits of Spoon Sex

Spoon sex is often a go-to position for morning sex, or for one of those days when both partners are feeling lazy and horny.

“This is a great position for those who are feeling tired, those who want the full-body closeness and intimacy, or those who have injuries or physical challenges,” Skyler explains.

Unlike labor-intensive positions like reverse cowgirl, neither partner needs to do much in terms of mobility for spooning sex to work.

“Any time I’m in the spoon position when I’m cuddling, I end up getting horny,” says Claire, 23. “My butt is right there pressed up against it, and it makes me want to do it, so usually we’ll just stay in that position, strip down and do it that way.”

The little spoon can press their body into the big spoon to generate pressure and movement; the big spoon can slowly move their hips in and out, or a combination of both.

Since both partners are cuddled up next to each other, this position also doesn’t require a ton of space. If you’re feeling horny while hanging out together on the couch and don’t want to relocate, spoon sex can easily be done right then and there.

The spoon position offers maximum body-to-body contact, making it a strong option as a winter sex position when it’s chilly out, and for feeling more of a physical connection with your partner.

Spoon sex also leaves your hands free to do other things with.

“[Spoon sex] allows for easy access to the clitoris and perineum, making additional stimulation simple to incorporate,” explains Rachel Wright, licensed psychotherapist and sex expert for Zumio.

Plus, it’s super versatile. “Spooning can be adapted for vaginal intercourse, anal sex, assisted masturbation with hands or a toy,” Wright continues.

Since the spoon position allows for more shallow penetration than others, it can help people with penises last longer, Skyler points out.

“Spooning can be great for those in the last semester of pregnancy and need to be in a side-line position for comfort,” she adds.

Drawbacks of Spoon Sex

While the closeness of both people’s torsos and heads makes for some degree of intimacy, if you’re someone who likes to lock eyes with your partner during the act, you may be disappointed that the spoon sex position makes this all but impossible.

And, if you’re a visual person who likes to see your partner’s body during sex, limited visibility is also something to consider here, especially if you’re spooning under the covers.

Additionally, the range of motion this position affords might not be for everyone.

“The position can restrict the range of motion and thrusting power,” explains Wright, which may limit the ability of some people with penises to reach orgasm during spoon sex.

“The penetration angle might not be ideal for everyone, and it might require adjustment to find what feels best,” she continues.

“Having sex in this position seems like a good idea in theory, but I could never get the angle right with my ex,” says Jada, 27. “He’d always slip out, and I’d be afraid of crushing his [penis] with my [butt], so we’d just cuddle in the spoon and move on to other positions.”

Ways to Make Spoon Sex More Fun

Want to get more creative in the spoon position? Here are a few expert tips.

Change Up the Angles

“The receiving partner can adjust their leg positioning (like raising or straightening the top leg) to allow for different penetration angles and depths,” Wright explains.

Switch Who’s in Control

“Sometimes, the front partner can push back into the other, taking control of the rhythm and depth,” says Wright.

This can make it a great option if the penetrating partner’s got a big penis and needs to be careful not to injure the receiving partner.

Try Anal Sex

If the receiving partner has a vagina, well, FYI that spooning can also be a solid anal sex position, too. Just don’t try to switch from vaginal to anal without warning — anal sex requires not only enthusiastic consent, but also some prep work.

“This makes for easy-going, shallow anal sex for those beginning or for those who want it more shallow,” says Skyler.

Try Adding Toys

If you’re comfortable with sex toys, try using a vibrator to introduce additional stimulation into the mix, particularly for the clit or perineum of the person in the little spoon position. 

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