Warmest Sex Positions

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Are Americans Really Turning to Sex to Keep Warm When It’s Cold Out?

Warmest Sex Positions

Are Americans Really Turning to Sex to Keep Warm When It’s Cold Out?

The Story

It’s no secret that lots of people are struggling financially these days — but some are turning to what feel like drastic measures in order to keep their heads above water. At least, that’s what a new survey by NewHomesMate, an online homes marketplace, suggests.

According to NewHomesMate’s data, 5%, or 1 in 20 Americans resorted to having sex to stay warm this past winter rather than splurging on the inevitable heating costs associated with turning up the thermostat.

The Snapshot

In a response to the survey, dating app Pure put together a list of some hot-and-heavy sex positions — with emphasis on the “hot” — should you find yourself in the unhappy position of choosing to get it on rather than turn up the temperature.

Traditional Doggy Style is out, for instance, since your torsos will be far apart. Instead, positions that place both participants’ chests and limbs close together will help maximize heat. Some of the ones suggested by Pure’s sexologist, Elize Kapaeva, include:


Warmest Sex Positions

“This position involves both partners lying on their sides facing the same direction, with one penetrating the other from behind,” says Kapaeva. “You may need to take off any restrictive clothing, but you can usually shift items to the side to allow easy access. If you prefer stripping down for sex, at least your bodies will be cuddled close together to share warmth — and you can always throw an extra blanket over yourselves to keep toasty while you do the business.”

Hot Doggy

Warmest Sex Positions

“Regular doggy is no fun when it’s freezing, as being on all-fours leaves you exposed to the elements,” says Kapaeva. “Instead, the receiving partner should lay flat on their stomach and the other should lay on top of them, entering from behind. Not only will that deep penetration help to take your mind off the thermostat, but it’s the perfect position to keep the blanket pulled over you. It also provides plenty of contact, helping the temperature to rapidly rise.”

The Lotus

Warmest Sex Positions

“In this position, the receiving partner sits on the penetrating partner’s lap, wrapping their legs around the waist and arms around their back for maximum skin-to-skin contact,” says Kapaeva. “For extra warmth, grab the blanket and wrap it around you and your partner. As you bump and grind, the friction between you creates warm air that stays trapped inside.”

The Lesson

While there might be something cute and cozy-seeming about getting it on to keep warm, doing so because it’s a better financial option than properly heating your home is a depressing situation.

And the tough decisions don’t stop there — the survey found that just over a third (35%) of respondents felt they had to choose between buying groceries and paying their utility bills, while 2% went to the extreme lengths of drinking alcohol in order to stay warm.

While there might not be any quick fixes to the cost of living crisis we find ourselves in, NewHomesMate notes that engaging in minor home upgrades like energy-efficient appliances and smart thermostats can help you curb utility bills going forward.

All illustrations by Carlee Ranger.

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