Christmas Sex Positions Perfect for a Quiet Holiday Quickie

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8 Holiday-Themed Sex Positions You Can Try This Christmas

Christmas Sex Positions Perfect for a Quiet Holiday Quickie

8 Holiday-Themed Sex Positions You Can Try This Christmas

While a house full of company during the holiday season doesn’t mean sex is totally out of the question, nothing kills the mood quite like listening to relatives whine about politics and question your life choices while they’re under your roof. Shouldn’t you be able to partake in the fun and tantalizing form of stress relief while this is all going down?

We’re here to tell you: Yes. After all, an orgasm is the best gift you could possibly receive, right? If you’re a little skeptical how to approach your sexual encounter once you’ve snuck away, below, you’ll find a few sex positions perfect for holiday quickies. 

They’re big on pleasure, easy to execute and can be done in whatever space you’re able to steal a few moments of privacy. 

Here are the best quiet sex positions to try during the holidays:

Santa’s Little Helper

Christmas Sex Positions Perfect for a Quiet Holiday QuickieCarlee Ranger

Sneak away to your home office, laundry room or anywhere you can sit down for a few moments to execute this quick position. “This is done with the male sitting with his legs spread and the female sitting on his lap facing away from him (not straddling him),” explains Dr. Christopher Ryan Jones, clinical psychologist and sex therapist. “The position is convenient for your partner too, because they don’t need to fully take off their clothes, just in case someone walks in and interrupts the fun.”  

The Open Sleigh

When it comes to making a position quick and comfortable, don’t underestimate the power of a few pillows. “For this position, one partner gets on their hands and knees with several pillows piled beneath their upper body for support,” explains Dr. Jess O’Reilly, Astroglide’s resident sexologist. “The other partner kneels behind lifting the lower partner’s legs to rest on either side of their hips.” Don’t be surprised if this is a short sleigh ride, either. “Designed for intense orgasms, the open sleigh position allows for simultaneous stimulation of both the A-Spot and clitoris or the prostate,” she adds. 

Deck The Halls

Christmas Sex Positions Perfect for a Quiet Holiday QuickieCarlee Ranger

Standing positions are ideal for holiday quickies, especially when you’re short on time and space. “[For this position], the female is against the wall facing her partner, one of her legs is being held up on the side of the guy, while the other leg is on the ground,” says Jones. “This position allows for great penetration because of the lift leg, yet, the other leg being on the ground allows for stability, which may be needed after a couple glasses of egg nog.” Plus, it can be done anywhere – just find an empty space and you’re good to go.

Holiday Doggy Style

Clothing and accessibility are two key factors to consider when pulling off a quiet quickie, making holiday doggy style (aka standing doggy style) an ideal position to pull off during a party. “With the receiver’s legs slightly bent, the other partner can enter from behind and support the receiver by grabbing hold of whatever takes them – chest, hair, genitals,” explains Kyle Sowden, sexual health and relationship expert at Doctor-4-U. It gives easy access to the clitoris, and it’s easy to maneuver out of in case someone needs you in the kitchen. 

The Stocking Stuffer

Christmas Sex Positions Perfect for a Quiet Holiday QuickieCarlee Ranger

Take advantage of the flat surfaces you have around to help stock your stocking. “The male is standing, the female is on her back but elevated (could be on a desk, table, bed, etc.), and her legs are straight up against his body,” explains Jones. “This is a perfect position for deep penetration and doesn’t require the removal of all your clothing (especially if she’s in a dress, just move the panties to the side). If you’re really in the giving mood, place your hands under her buttocks and lift up and down to maximize her pleasure.” 

The Hot Chocolate Spoon

This sensual position will get you both off in no time. “Assume a spooning position and wrap the covers around your hips, so she can pull them closer and help them to thrust or grind,” says Jones. “The small spoon can control the reins from the front, or the big spoon can take control from behind. And of course, you can kink it up a little with a little power play (e.g. the big spoon isn’t allowed to move unless the small spoon gives them permission.” 

The Elf On The Shelf

“If you’re short on time or space, try this standing position that doesn’t require you to undress,” says O’Reilly. “Stand with one foot on the floor and one leg bent up on a couch, chair or other knee-level surface. Your partner can stand facing you in between your legs. Slide your clothes off (or to the side) just enough for your partner to slide inside with the object of their choice – nose, finger, tongue, toy, strap-on or penis.”

Jingle Bells

Christmas Sex Positions Perfect for a Quiet Holiday QuickieCarlee Ranger

Yes, we’re talking about those bells. “In this position, the male is laying down and the female is on top of him sitting up — she can be facing him or facing away,” describes Jones. And if you’re into it, your partner can easily reach under you to jingle those bells in this position. 

All illustrations by Carlee Ranger.

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