Yoga-Inspired Sex Positions

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Get Tantric Tonight With These Yoga-Inspired Bedroom Positions

Yoga-Inspired Sex Positions

Get Tantric Tonight With These Yoga-Inspired Bedroom Positions

Think of the times when you feel connected to your body, listening to each muscle and allowing yourself to feel every touch, change and shift.

While sex definitely comes to mind, so does fitness — especially those types of workouts that connect your spirit and your limbs. For many people, doing yoga not only settles their soul, but also builds strength and flexibility. What you might not realize as you flow through a sequence is you’re actually making yourself — ahem — better in bed, too.

“Yoga is one of the best mind-body experiences you can give yourself and is very simple and effective to integrate into your sexual experiences, helping you build intimacy during sex,” explains Coleen Singer, sexpert at Sssh. “Yoga serves to strengthen your core and other areas of your body that allow for the flexibility and stamina needed for a good, long love-making session.”

If you want to integrate some of your zen learnings and moves into your next romp, consider these expert-recommended, yoga-inspired sex positions. 

1. The Bridge Pose

Yoga-Inspired Sex PositionsCarlee Ranger

This is one of the most fundamental yoga positions, making it an easy one to use as your starting point. Singer explains one partner will begin by laying on his or her back, placing their feet hip-width apart and begin to lift their bottom off the bed (or floor) until their knees are in line with their hips. Then, they will want to draw their shoulder blades together and try to interlace their fingers beneath their hips. While Singer notes you might not be able to hold this stance for too long, it’s beneficial for both men and women.

“When the woman takes this pose on her back, it sets her body in a perfect position for her partner to treat her to touching, caressing and cunnilingus. Although it is not ideal for penetration by the penis, the bridge pose not only stretches the hip flexors, but it tones the vagina because you are squeezing the pelvic floor, not to mention improving orgasms,” she explains.

In the same way, the Bridge Pose also presents an easy way for a woman to give fellatio to her partner. And another tip? “If he is strong enough to do it, his partner can also mount him for penetration in either cowgirl or reverse-cowgirl position,” Singer adds.

2. Downward Doggy Style

Yoga-Inspired Sex PositionsCarlee Ranger

Another go-to yoga position in nearly all classes? Downward Dog, of course. Even when you’re completing this move in class, it could feel slightly sexual. When you’re in the bedroom, you’re free to let your mind and body explore the gutter. Sexual educator Hunter Riley explains it’s also an uncomplicated move, making it ideal for first-timers. To get into position, the woman should start in downward dog, with her hips straight in the air, with her hands and feet on the ground, as her chest points toward her feet. Her partner should stand behind her and hold her hips, even lifting them off the ground a bit, if she feels comfortable.

“If you enjoy a bit of kink in your sex, the stretch in your legs can intensify the pleasure or add a nice component to the yummy sex feels,” she recommends. “It benefits the penetrating partner because they get a lovely view of their partner’s rear end and back, which can be a major turn on for visual people.”

If you need an extra hand, Riley recommends using a strap to give some support to both parties.

3. Three-Legged Downward Dog

Yoga-Inspired Sex PositionsCarlee Ranger

Once you’ve mastered the traditional downward dog, intimacy educator, sex coach and author Stella Harris says it’s time to challenge yourself to the next level. The common yoga variation of three-legged dog is more intense, and well, enjoyable. “The person who is standing can support the bent partner’s raised leg either in their hand, or even braced up against their body, or over their shoulder,” Harris instructs.

Why will this feel great for both? Harris explains any legs-up position provides deeper penetration for both. If you want to go even further, she recommends the partner standing up to move his or her partner’s leg in various angles to hit erogenous zones.

4. The Cat/Cow Stretch

Yoga-Inspired Sex PositionsCarlee Ranger

No matter if you’ve taken on yoga class or hundreds, you can expect to do the cat-and-cow tango to warm up your back and abdominals for the workout. You can also use the same technique during sex. To pull it off, a woman will start on all fours in a tabletop position, ensuring her wrists are in line with her shoulder, and her knees are in line with her hips. Now, her partner will enter her from behind, as she moves between cat (rounding her spine and squeezing her bottom), and cow (releasing her belly and sending the crown of her head and tailbone to the sky), Singer recommends.

The process of cat-and-cow actually strengthens a woman’s kegel muscles, and it allows her more control over her orgasms. As she does this, it’ll feel intense — in a good way — for her partner. “When a woman goes from cat to cow pose and back again as he is inside of her, it creates a significant amount of vaginal contraction, greatly enhancing his sexual pleasure,” Singer explains. To ensure things go smoothly, Singer recommends using personal lubricant before you begin — no pun intended.

5. Savasana

Yoga-Inspired Sex PositionsCarlee Ranger

Every class ends with Savasana, so why not end your romp with this feels-wonderful yoga-inspired sex position? Harris says it’s pretty easy, and looks a lot like missionary for couples. You should lay on your back, with your arms relaxed at your sides, focusing on your breathing. The R-rated benefit here is great to end with, since it builds intimacy and spark. “Sex in Savasana can be about relaxation and restoration, and about deep connection with both your own body and with your partner,” she explains. “With partners face to face, it is a great position from which to focus on shared deep breathing techniques, and slow steady sex.”

All illustrations by Carlee Ranger.

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