The Best Sex Toys for Your Balls

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Give Your Crown Jewels the Royal Treatment

The Best Sex Toys for Your Balls

Give Your Crown Jewels the Royal Treatment

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Whether on or off the court, balls are lots of fun to play with. 

Of course, when playing with our own balls, we need to be a bit more careful — they’re super sensitive and chock full of sensory nerve-endings with very little protection. This also happens to be the reason why they feel so good being played with. 

In fact, a survey from sex toy manufacturer MysteryVibe found 50 percent of men incorporate testicle stimulation into their masturbation routine, with 87 percent liking when a partner plays with them. Yet, browsing sex shops and sites, you’ll find very few toys for testicles and, beyond that, most aren’t designed solely for the testes. But just because options are limited doesn’t mean there aren’t some fantastic options. 

To dig a little deeper as to how you can properly give your crown jewels the royal treatment they deserve, we spoke to Zoë Ligon, CEO and founder of Spectrum Boutique and Carol Queen, author and staff sexologist at Good Vibrations. 

How to Prepare Before Playing With Your Balls

Pain and pleasure are near analogous when playing with the testes. It’s a classic case of different strokes for different folks. For some, the balls are very sensitive and need to be handled gently, whereas others enjoy more intensive pressure, touching, pulling, sucking and nibbling. 

Because ball play produces such polarizing results, Queen recommends you experiment first. 

“Start with mild and see how you respond,” she says. “Though I’ve seen people who liked substantial squeezing and even impact play on the testicles, that’s generally considered to be pretty extreme.”

Exercise caution in exploring these sensations with slow, consistent pulls instead of sharp tugging or yanking. It’s easiest to start solo, pulling down on or fondling the balls during masturbation. 

“Try that and explore from there,” recommends Queen. “There’s a lot of plumbing in there – treat it with respect!”

Incorporating lube wouldn’t be the worst thing, as it cuts down on friction. “Some people like to trim their pubes to reduce any potential snags, but that’s really not necessary unless you want to,” notes Ligon. 

Prior to any ball play with a partner, make sure you’re both comfortable with what you’re about to get into. Communicate and set clear boundaries about what you want, and settle on a safe word if things begin to get uncomfortable. Note that swelling can be common as things progress. However, if the pain gets too intense (or your balls turn a deep red or purple), step on the brakes. 

The Best Sex Toys for Your Balls

b-Vibe Snug & Tug 

The Best Sex Toys for Your Balls

One part cock ring, one part weighted butt plug, the Snug & Tug is a hybrid toy that’s perfect for partner sex. It can also be worn solo to add some discrete excitement to your day. 

“The real enjoyment in this toy is how even the most subtle movements apply pressure to the base of the balls and penis as it tugs between each end,” says Ligon. 

$50 at Spectrum Boutique

OxBalls SackJack

The Best Sex Toys for Your Balls

What makes the OxBalls SackJack so unique is that the toy envelopes all of your junk, stimulating every inch of your package from the tip of your shaft to the base of the balls. The sleeve, with its textured interior, is designed to meld to your body for a comfortably snug fit as you stroke up and down. If desired, the toy can also be worn as a sheath for added girth. 

$56 at

Oxballs Cocksling 2

The Best Sex Toys for Your Balls

This durable device plays with your balls like an experienced partner, cradling ‘em, gripping the base of your shaft and pushing it forward so it stands at full attention. 

“This ring is super stretchy and comfy, but also has enough pressure on the balls that it adds extra tension and sensation,” notes Ligon. As a sign of courtesy, the toy also features an indented channel at the tip, which allows you to urinate or ejaculate comfortably. 

$21.96 at

BON4 Humbler

The Best Sex Toys for Your Balls

Ligon warns the Humbler is not for the faint of heart, as it “forces you to be bent over.” Should you choose to stand, the vice will apply what she describes as a “deliciously intense pleasure” to your balls. The restraint, which is great for Dom/sub play, is wrapped around the sack and is designed to prevent the wearer from getting off their knees. If the wearer attempts to stand, the toy’s pull will increase. 

$50 at Spectrum

Happy Rabbit Cock Ring

The Best Sex Toys for Your Balls

The Happy Rabbit Cock Ring uses similar mechanics to the infamous Rabbit Vibrator, featuring a bunny-shaped external stimulator that perfectly nestles into a female partner’s body for couples play. What’s special about this particular model is its two stretchy rings: one that slips over the shaft, and one behind the testicles. This not only enforces stability, but also lets the testes better experience the varying vibrations. 

$26.20 at

Remix Vibrating Cock Ring

The Best Sex Toys for Your Balls

This insanely flexible cock ring was designed for couples and solo use, providing extra sensations on both shaft and testicles that intensify masturbation. The way you wear the toy is completely up to you. For instance, it can be worn with either end on top of the shaft for vertical or horizontal stimulation, or over the shaft/balls themselves – both of which stimulate the testicles. The toy is as versatile as its owner. 

$44.99 at Good Vibrations

Tryst Multi Erogenous Zone Vibrator 

The Best Sex Toys for Your Balls

The Tryst Multi Erogenous Zone Vibrator is so versatile that its use is only limited by your imagination. It’s multi-functional design is equally efficient for solo or partnered play, and can effectively stimulate the labia, clitoris, nipples, the shaft of the penis, ball play, and even anal play. If you’re a newbie dabbling in the sex toy market, this vibrator’s a great place to start.

$119 at Good Vibrations

Looking past these selections, any thick and stretchy cock ring can be used as a ball stretcher “Ball stretching stimulates the stretch receptors, but also foils the usual response that signals the body that it’s time to climax,” explains Queen. When someone with testicles is about to come, the testicles elevate toward the body. By gently pulling them down at this time, you can delay your orgasm to have fun longer. 

Whatever you do, don’t let fear keep you from venturing below the shaft. Testes are sexual organs, after all, so get sexy with it. 

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