What is the ‘Speed Bump’ Sex Position?

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The ‘Speed Bump’ is the Second Most-Searched Sex Position in America

What is the 'Speed Bump' Sex Position?

The ‘Speed Bump’ is the Second Most-Searched Sex Position in America

The Story

The sexual wellness platform Bedbible has analyzed Google Trends data to highlight the most Googled sex positions in each state. The research has thrown up some sex positions that might be new to you.

The Snapshot

Bedbible’s analysis revealed that the ‘Speed Bump’ had the second-highest number of states searching for it. It looks like this:

What is the 'Speed Bump' Sex Position?

Illustration by Carlee Ranger

The ‘Speed Bump’ position not only accesses the G-spot and the A-spot to create killer orgasms, but it’s also comfortable and requires little work for the female partner. The receiver lies on her stomach with her legs close together and a pillow placed underneath the hips to hoist them up at an angle. This creates a ‘Speed Bump’ when penetrated from behind. 

The states which prefer the ‘Speed Bump’ are Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin.

The Lesson

You probably didn’t learn about the ‘Speed Bump’ position in sex ed in high school. It seems like Americans (and maybe people all over the world) are getting more sexually exploratory and creative these days.

An expert from Bedbible commented: “It is important to experiment, keep the spark alive in the bedroom and explore new and exciting positions.”

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