The Best Places To Have Sex at Home That Don’t Include Your Bedroom

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The Best Places To Have Sex at Home That Don’t Include Your Bedroom

Having sex in the bedroom is great. It offers comfort, coziness and it’s a safe space to enjoy yourself and your partner. 

The Best Places To Have Sex at Home That Don’t Include Your Bedroom

But if you find yourself getting bored and looking for a way to spice things up, you don’t have to look far to find a solution. In fact, you only have to look outside your bedroom door as your home has a plethora of the best places to have sex when you want to spice things up. 

Today we have 7 sexy places in your own home to have sex at, from the most vanilla to the most extreme, reserved only for adrenaline junkies: 

Living Room Couch

Spice rating: 1/5

Your living room sofa is one of the best places to have sex outside your bedroom if you’re not sure where to start. It’s safe, comfortable and you’re already probably spending plenty of time lounging on it anyway. 

The good news is that your sofa can offer a multitude of different positions to try with your partner, and some positions like a cowgirl are even easier to enjoy on the sofa because it has the support that your bed doesn’t. 

If you’re feeling lazy, try the spooning position. Lie down with your partner on your sides, just like you would if you were about to cuddle and allow them to penetrate from behind. It’s the ultimate position for lazy Sunday mornings in bed, but it could also be a great way to unwind after a long day. 

Put on some Netflix while you’re at it or, if you’re feeling extra naughty, some porn for both of you to enjoy while you’re having sex on your living room couch. 

Another position that’s great for sex on the couch is cowgirl. Let your partner lie on their back on the sofa while you straddle them. You can keep one leg on the floor to give you better control over the angle and the speed as you’re riding your partner. 

Kitchen Counters

Spice rating: 2/5

Sex on the dining table is great, and all, but have you tried having sex on the kitchen counters? It’s one of the most underrated places to have sex at home, and there is so much potential. 

One thing that’s great about this location is the versatility. It’s great for oral sex, as one partner can comfortably sit on the counter while the other is on their knees, working their mouth. You can bring in the chair if kneeling is difficult and sit between your partner’s legs for some comfort. 

Another way to enjoy your kitchen counter space is for one partner to bend down while the other partner penetrates from behind. If you have stone countertops, the cool sensation over your belly and nipples will only add to the stimulation and will make things hotter. 

If you prefer eye contact and lots of skin-on-skin action, then the position of one partner sitting atop the counter while the other is wedged between their legs as they penetrate will be perfect for you. The partner sitting on the counter can control the speed and the depth of penetration with their legs.

And let’s not forget about spatulas and other tools available on hand for some kinky action… Are you convinced that kitchen counters are one of the best places to have sex already? 

The Mirror in the Hallway

Spice rating: 2/5

Most people will have a mirror hanging in their hallway, which is the best place to have sex with your partner when you’re bored of your bedroom. Watching yourself and your partner have sex in the mirror is one of the hottest things, and you can enjoy a doggy position while still maintaining eye contact. 

Get naked, find a comfortable position in front of the mirror that allows you both to see the view and have some fun. You can try doggy style if there is enough space to bend over in front of the mirror. If your mirror is long and leaning against the wall, then you can get on the floor on all fours and see if that position works. 

Another option if you have a tall mirror is having sex against it. The bottom partner can place their hands on either side of the mirror, leaning forward against it as the other partner penetrates from behind. If you’re not against cleaning your mirror often, then you can hold onto the mirror itself, but be careful not to push too hard so that the glass breaks.

Nothing ruins a sexy time as much as a visit to an ER does. 

Walk-In Closet 

Spice rating: 3/5

It’s dark, it’s moody, and there is not a lot of space to move around, so you’re forced to be in close proximity. For those reasons, a walk-in linen closet is one of the best places to have sex at home. 

You can have sex either with the door open or closed, depending on the lighting and how much air is available once you’re both behind closed doors. If there is not a lot of space on the floor, then the best way to have sex is against the wall. 

One partner can lift the other one completely from the floor, allowing them to wrap their legs around their waist. Or, if that’s not something you’re comfortable with, then lifting one leg and wrapping it around your partner should be enough to offer a good angle for penetration. 

If you want to take things even further, you can both pretend that you’re in a public space having a naughty moment, even if technically you’re inside your house. A little bit of role play and imagination can truly turn a simple act into something special. 

On Top of the Toilet

Spice rating: 4/5

Bathroom sex is fantastic, but your shower is not the only place to have sex in. Your toilet might offer the right amount of freshness you’re looking to bring into your sex life, and it’s one of the best places to have sex at. 

It’s a truly under-rated place for oral sex. One partner sits on the top of the toilet tank. Close the lid and the second partner sits on top of it, right between the first partner’s legs. It’s the perfect position for oral, and being in a different, unique location certainly adds to the charm.

Another option is for the bottom partner to kneel with one leg on the toilet lid, bending forward to allow the other partner to penetrate them from behind. The bottom partner can use the tank for support and regulate the depth and the angle of the penetration. 

The Balcony 

Spice rating: 4/5

If your apartment has a balcony, then you have access to explore a little bit of healthy exhibitionism that will surely spice things up in the bedroom. It doesn’t matter whether your balcony is closed off, open, or partly open. It’s one of the best places to have sex outside your bedroom. 

If your balcony is closed off or partly closed off, then you can place some blankets and pillows on the floor, creating a sweet and cozy environment for you and your partner to enjoy. Add some fairy lights for extra ambiance. 

You can easily enjoy different positions without worrying that other people are going to see you, but do keep in mind that they might still hear you. 

If your balcony is not closed off and only has a railing securing the perimeter or glass, you can still have some fun. The best way to go about it will be to wait for the evening if you’re worried about people seeing. 

One partner sits on the chair or the sofa that’s outside on the balcony, while the other one sits on their lap, mounting them and drops a blanket over their lap, offering some privacy. The top partner has control over the depth of penetration, and the speed and the idea of being caught or seen will only add to the excitement. 

The Roof

Spice rating: 5/5

The last location is not for the faint of heart and should be handled with safety as falling off the roof is extremely dangerous, so proceed with caution. If handled properly, it can be one of the best places to have sex and is very rewarding. 

If you live inside a house with a flatter roof and have access to it, then setting up a cozy little corner with blankets and candles to stargaze and then have sex can be a great way to spice things up. Make sure the roof doesn’t have a steep height or slippery roof panels before climbing over it, as it can complicate things. 

Even if you live in an apartment, the chances are that there is a roof, and there will be access to it for the people living in the building. If the policies allow and you can safely get on the roof, then grab your partner and get on it. 

Having sex on the roof of the apartment building calls for a quicky, and the thrill of it all will surely make you both tremble with the excitement of the experience. Definitely, a sexual experience to remember. 

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