Sex Positions Best Performed on Your Couch

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Too Eager to Get It On Before You’ve Made It to the Bedroom? No Problem

Sex Positions Best Performed on Your Couch

Too Eager to Get It On Before You’ve Made It to the Bedroom? No Problem

You may not think of your couch as a potential locale for love. After all, it’s where you plop down after work, spreading yourself out across each cushion with the intention of doing absolutely nothing. Once you sit down, it’ll take a lot for you to get back up. And sure, you’ll have to make moves if you want to use the bathroom or get something from the fridge, but how about if you wanted to have sex? Would being on a couch kill that vibe?

Most definitely not. In fact, to help support the possibility of sexual intercourse on a sofa, we want you to take Netflix and chill to a new level with a few couch-specific sex positions – all of which can be done without moving too far from the cushions.

Below, you’ll find 9 different expert-approved positions best performed for couch sex.

9 Best Positions for Couch Sex

The Seated Squat

“Couches are often a little bit lower than beds, affording you an opportunity to try out positions that might otherwise be difficult to achieve,” explains Alexandra Fine, CEO of Dame Products. “If you’re the penetrator, sit on the edge of the couch. Invite your partner over and have them straddle your legs. They can then lower themselves down onto you. Your partner can put their arms either on your thighs or on the couch cushion and use them to pump themselves up and down.”

But that being said, don’t make her do all the work. After all, sex involves two people. This is a team effort. “Don’t be afraid to meet in the middle – the seated partner can thrust upwards too,” says Fine. “Team work makes the dream work.”

Couch Surf

Sex Positions Best Performed on Your CouchCarlee Ranger

“One partner sits on the edge of the couch while the other partner sits in their lap facing in the same direction (away from their partner),” explains Dr. Jess O’Reilly, Astroglide’s resident sexologist. “They can sit upright or bend down and grab their ankles to experience varied sensations. You can experiment with dominance and submission in this position as you allow your partner to take the reins of control.”

For even more power over the position, grab a piece of clothing or nearby blanket. “Your partner can wrap it around your waist to guide and control the movements from behind,” she adds.

Upright Doggy

Love doggy style and don’t want to get off your couch? Use the height of your sofa to your advantage in this position.

“The partner who is being penetrated kneels with their bum facing away from the back of the couch,” says Fine. “Using that as an armrest, they can adopt a different angle than they would if they were on all fours. The penetrating partner can remain standing behind them and enter them from behind.”

Basically, you get all the benefits of standing sex, just without the acrobatics.

The Strong Arm

Sex Positions Best Performed on Your CouchCarlee Ranger

Aside from the beauty of not having to relocate, one of the biggest benefits of couch sex is the ability to access angles you wouldn’t have otherwise – like this one, for example.

“In this position, the person being penetrated can fold themselves over the arm of the couch (rear up!) while their partner kneels on the couch behind them,” says Fine. “This mimics a position you might be able to achieve with a sex pillow, but this way, you get to work with the natural surroundings.”

The Ottoman

Love oral and being lazy? This position has got you covered.

“The receiver sits on the couch with legs spread and the giver is in between them,” explains sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs. “This position is great because the giver is fully supported on the floor and has two free hands (and a mouth) to use. No need to hold their body up above their partner. The receiver gets to kick back relax and enjoy the show.”

The (Bend) Overstuffed Couch

Sex Positions Best Performed on Your CouchCarlee Ranger

“The receiver bends over the back of the couch and the giver is behind them,” explains Stubbs. “This is great because the receiver is supported by the couch and should be quite comfortable. The giver has easy access to penetrate their partner and has the opportunity to use the couch as leverage.”

An added bonus? When you’re done, you can roll right over onto the couch and get back to your shows.


This position offers more access to her most sensitive parts.

“One partner stands on the floor and lifts one leg to rest their foot on the couch,” explains O’Reilly. “The other partner sits on the couch and slides between their legs to offer a hot oral session. With one leg lifted, you’ll have even tighter access to their hottest spots and you can wrap your hands around their hips/butt to pull them even closer and control the pressure and angle.”

Peering Out

Sex Positions Best Performed on Your CouchCarlee Ranger

To execute this position, your partner kneels on the couch cushions facing the back of the couch.

“They can rest their hands on the back of the couch while their lover kneels or stands behind them,” says O’Reilly. “This position, with the additional support of your hands on the backrest, allows you to adjust the positioning of your hips to choose your favorite angle.”

And a pro tip for her? She can arch her back, bend forward and/or grind against the cushions for extra friction.

Face to Face

“One partner sits upright on the edge of the couch while the other straddles them and wraps their legs around their waist,” says O’Reilly. “The top partner can lean way back (with their head to the ground) or sit upright to benefit from the intimacy of eye contact.”

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