LELO Sex Position of the Week: Ridin’ High

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LELO Sex Position of the Week: Ridin’ High

LELO Sex Position of the Week: Ridin’ High

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It’s a move declared too much for UK pornography (among a few others that we enjoy, like squirting) but this is an oral sex position that givers and receivers know and love.

The receiver quite literally ‘rides high’ by kneeling over their partner’s mouth to receive their oral-attentions, and not only does it put the perform performing cunnilingus in a comfy position to lavish their attentions on their partner while enjoying a great view of her enjoyment, but the rider also gets to choose (and alternate) between passively enjoying or taking control with their own movements.


Of course, depending on the receiver’s anatomy, this position may not be the best for stimulating the clitoris―which can always be remedied with a small and unobtrusive vibrator like MIA™2.

Some may feel too ‘exposed’ by being on top, which is when adding things like handcuffs and blindfolds to the partner who is on the bottom can not only make the receiver more comfortable, it also turns up the kink! If the complaint instead that the receiver feels like they want to give their partner stimulation as well, they can either lean backwards slightly to give their partner manual stimulation, or turn around in a ‘reverse’ high-riding position (which easily turns into a 69)!

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