What is the Lotus Sex Position?

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What is the Lotus Sex Position?

The different ways in which a P can enter a V is seemingly endless. Yet millions of people worldwide consider missionary or doggy style to be their go-to move. 

That’s all good and well if it gets you off every single time, but aren’t you intrigued about other sex positions? Ones that arguably bring on an even bigger climax? Now’s the time to get experimenting… 

The lotus sex position comes from the beloved book, the Kama Sutra. And despite the fact that many of the sex positions from this book are pretty difficult to do, this one really isn’t all that hard. And the payoff is golden!

What is the Lotus Sex Position?

How to Do the Lotus Sex Position

Ready for action? Great! To do the lotus sex position, the man will be on the bottom and the woman will be on top. The male should find a comfortable place to sit, such as a bed or the floor. He will then get into the lotus position.

The lotus position is a meditation pose from ancient India and involves sitting cross-legged with each foot placed on the opposite thigh. For the lotus sex position however, the male can opt for a simple crossing of the legs or extending the legs forward with knees slightly bent. 

Once he is in position, the female can then straddle him while wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his torso. In this way, she is fully supported.

For those who have tried the lotus sex position but find it difficult to initiate comfortable penetration, you could simply enjoy the position as a means to be intimate sans penetration. For example: the woman could grind on her partner at her own speed, creating stimulation and orgasm.

Why Every Couple Should Try the Lotus Sex Position

When it comes to sex and intimacy, it’s a passionate dance between the physical and the emotional. And when two partners enjoy the lotus sex position, it gives them the chance to get even closer. In this position, they can hug, kiss, caress, and maintain eye contact with each other. 

“It’s a wonderful position to just practice eye gazing, syncing your breath, or passionate kissing,” says Jenn Gunsaullus, a sex expert and psychologist. “It’s about slowing down and being present with each other and tapping into your personal and joint energies.”

To further enhance the intimate energy, both partners could engage in tantric breathing, which can enhance the connection you feel with yourself and with your partner. Tantric breathing is when the core muscles are contracted and then released fully with every breath.

According to Meg Berry, a tantra expert:

“It [tantric breathing] really teaches you how to manage your energy, and does build up your energy and vitality so that you feel ready to take on the world.”

A Less Intimate Lotus Sex Position

For those who aren’t in a couple, or don’t fancy getting too intimate just yet, there are a few adaptations that can be made to the lotus sex position. In this way, one can enjoy the position without the lovey-dovey aspect.

To do this, the woman on top can put her hands behind her back whilst on top of her partner, and put some of her weight on her wrists. To make this more comfortable for her, he can grab onto her hips and take control.

The Best Ways for Her to Achieve Orgasm in the Lotus Sex Position

1. Put Your Back into It

When you’re in position, arch your back. This will make a huge difference, as it will allow your vulva and your clitoris to be stimulated via your partner’s pelvis. Alternatively, lean back to allow a bit of g-spot stimulation.

2. Merry Go Round

To achieve orgasm, you’ll want to gyrate in small circles. This is a lot easier when your partner grabs a hold of your hips and butt.

3. Get Clitoral

Clitoral stimulation is always a treat. So whilst in the middle of your tryst, why not rub your clit… just the way you like it. Or, you could opt for a clitoral stimulation sex toy. The SONA 2 Cruise, for example, is a winner when it comes to achieving your best orgasm. 

The Best Ways for Him to Achieve Orgasm in the Lotus Sex Position

1. Comfort First

While the lotus sex position is one of the easier Kama Sutra poses, it could still be quite uncomfortable for some, especially if you’re unable to cross your legs. And when you’re uncomfortable, what are the chances of achieving orgasm? Slim. 

To make things better, you could:

Put your legs out in front of you
Put your arms back and put some of your weight on them
Have a surface behind you for support such as a wall 
Try a different way to experience the lotus sex position (more on that below)

2. Thrust it

The thing about the lotus sex position, is that it doesn’t allow for thrusting. This position is all about rocking and grinding. But if you’re one who loves to thrust, you could opt for a vibrating cock ring. This will give your shaft a bit of a buzzing pleasure, and some extra stimulation for her too.

The Lotus Sex Position, Made Simple

As mentioned, an uncomfortable sex position is no good in terms of getting off. Which is why there are a few adapted lotus sex positions for those who find it slightly challenging. You could consider… 

The Lotus Armchair

This position is basically the same as the lotus, except it’s a lot more comfortable. It involves him sitting on an armchair or sofa as she straddles and rides him. This is not only an easier version of the lotus sex position, but also creates a change of scenery which is always hot.

If You Love Intimate Sex Positions, You May Also Love… 

Face-to-Face Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation is a great way to pleasure yourself while showing your partner what you like. It’s also an opportunity to watch your partner in action. But when you engage in face-to-face mutual masturbation, you can really look deep into each other’s eyes, and witness their body writhing in pleasure.

“Little feels more intimate than locking eyes with a partner, especially when you’re pleasuring yourselves,” says August McLaughlin, the author of GirlBoner: The Good Girl’s Guide to Sexual Empowerment.

Sideways 69 Spooning

Spooning is a great way in which to really get two bodies close to each other in an intimate and loving way. So when you add sideways 69 to the mix, you’ll have the ability to experience the closeness of spooning and the pleasure of oral sex. 

To do it, simply lie down on a flat surface, facing each other in opposite directions, and enjoy the benefits of giving and receiving oral!

Are you ready to take your intimate sex life to the next level? There’s no harm in trying the lotus sex position! And even if it doesn’t go as planned, you now have some brand new ideas to try that’ll increase levels of intimacy and create sensual, playful, and passionate trysts. Enjoy!

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