Sexy Food: Big Food Fast

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It’s no secret that food and sex go great together, and when somebody talks about sexy foods, our minds usually go to strawberries or something involving chocolate. So here are 8 foods that you might not have associated with sexy time, and that might just add a little spice, litterally, to your sex life. Sexy Food: Big Food Fast

1. Mangoes

They’re wet, sweet, and have a pretty awesome aroma. Slice a couple of these bad boys up into thin slices, and let your imagination do the rest.

2. Candy

What did we like when we were kids, if you answered RRSP’s, you’re wrong, the right answer was candy. Delicious, sweet, candy. And candy comes in at number 2. Need some ideas? Try using pop rocks while doing things with your mouth. Spoiler alert, the sensation is pretty crazy.

3. Basil

 It’s not just for pesto anymore. The aroma given off by these little leaves is intoxicating. (in a good way) It’s not only about eating, using it like you would a feather is also pretty terrific.

4. Watermelon

It’s wet, sticky, and tastes amazing when eaten off a naked body…actually that’s probably true with most foods. For best result get the seedless kind, because taking a break every time you have to spit out a seed might just kill the mood.

5. Cucumber

Don’t get too excited, you have to slice it first. Make sure you refrigerate that bad boy before you get kinky. It’s great for the skin, and it’s super refreshing. Win win.

6. Cake Icing

Instead of using whipped cream, grab yourself some vanilla cake icing and go to town…on the icing…and each other.

7. Frozen Soda

 Here’s another variation of a classic. Instead of using regular ie boring ice cubes, try freezing you’re favorite soda. The tingling sensation as the ice melts is awesome, and the sweetness of the soda is even awesomer.

8. Sushi

 It’s big in Japan for a reason, and it’s sushi. It’s a messy treat when used during foreplay, but the giant range of textures will keep both of you guessing. Just go easy on the wasabi.


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