3 Things To Say To A Man To Make Him Feel Deeply Attached To You

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Photo: PeopleImages.Com – Yuri A / Shutterstock 3 Things To Say To A Man To Make Him Feel Deeply Attached To You

We all know that many men don’t like to talk much. There may be words he’s dying to hear from you, but he won’t mention it. However, when you know exactly which sweet things to say to your boyfriend and he hears those words he’s been longing for, the effects are magical.

These words have an inspirational effect on a man. They inspire him to be a better man and want to have a more serious relationship with you.

Here are 3 things to say to a man to make him feel even more deeply attached to you.

1. ‘I respect you.’

Perhaps no other word is more important to a man than “respect.”

When you tell a man you respect him, you let him know that you accept him as he is, despite his flaws and shortcomings. You tell him that you don’t care about a troubled past or the mistakes he’s made.



By letting him know that you respect the way he treats his family and friends, and that his career and productivity in the world are things you admire, for example, he will feel respected. And respect is an incredibly important aspect of any relationship, but for men to know their partners respect them, it’s inspiring in a way.

When you tell a man you respect him, you inspire him to see you as an important part of his life. When you respect him, he will want to build a future, a forever with you. Make no mistake about it — respect is a word he’s dying to hear.

2. ‘I appreciate you.’

If there’s a close second in the phrases your man wants to hear, expressing your appreciation is a strong contender.

When you tell a man that you appreciate him, you strike a chord in his soul. You touch something deep down that makes him realize that all his actions, his words, and his feelings matter.

As simple as this may sound, a man derives a large portion of his self-worth by knowing that he can make you happy. Whether it’s small things like doing the dishes, or larger things like giving you a break from parenting, he needs to know that you see his efforts.



Telling a man that you appreciate him is confirmation that what he’s doing is having a positive effect.

You might say that appreciation to a man is what affection is to a woman. It’s a way in which he feels loved. Once you trigger the feeling that a man is appreciated by you, he will want to spend more time together and become deeply attached to you.

3. ‘I accept you.’

In a man’s world, acceptance is the key word in his life. He wants to know you accept him the way he is now, not wishing he had certain traits or qualities that just don’t define his true self.

This might not be something you outright say, but more something you show him through your actions and behaviors when around him. Of course, simply saying, “I accept you” is a powerful statement in itself to make him feel loved.

Acceptance is expressed when you resist the urge to change him or criticize him. Men are well aware of their faults, and when they find that it’s easy to be with you and that you’re willing to work with them, they feel accepted.



We all want to know that it’s okay to make mistakes and not be perfect. This is the gift of acceptance you can give to a man.

The sweetest things you could say to a guy are, “I respect you,” “I appreciate you,” and “I accept you.”

Tell the man you’re with, “I respect what you think and what you do.” Ask him questions and for his advice. The most powerful phrase you can say to a man is, “What do you think?”

Saying these phrases will inspire him to no end. Once he gets a taste for making you happy, he’ll be hooked. Men never get tired of hearing how much you appreciate, respect, and accept something they did or something they are.

We all want to be accepted. This is something a man will feel from you. It’s a byproduct of feeling respected and appreciated.

But, make no mistake about it, a man wants to be accepted because acceptance for anyone is the foundation of lasting love.

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