Midweek Hottie: FHM Girlfriend Danielle Hayley is a sexy fruit juice makin’ yoga master

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Say hello to Danielle Hayley, by far the sexiest juice-bar owning Canadian lady you’ll ever never get to meet (unless you’re a kale-eating yoga-pro, that is…)

FHM: So, Danielle, you have your own juice bar?

Yes, it’s been open for a couple of months now. It’s out of a health food shop in Battersea.

How did that happen?

I was shopping in this place all the time and ended up becoming friends with the owner. I really wanted to open my own juice bar and he’s renting out a space to me now. I call it Sprout Juicery.

You must know a helluva lot about juice.

I’ve always been interested in holistic and alternative health. I’m studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine but have had to postpone for a few months while this new business gets going. I was a dental hygienist before that and have a Yoga teaching certification as well.

A woman of many healthy talents! Are you vegan, too?

About 95%.

What’s the 5% that lets you down?

Fish, sushi. Don’t get me wrong – if my body wants meat, I will have meat but only once a month.

What will you have?

Maybe a really nice steak tartar but it has to be raw because you lose nutrients when it’s cooked.

Midweek Hottie: FHM Girlfriend Danielle Hayley is a sexy fruit juice makin' yoga master

What would you make us if we came over for dinner?

Probably a raw kale wrap with mixed cashew nuts, pesto, tofu and hummus. I’d do a raw cacao banana desert with coconut milk, too. That sounds pretty awful. It’s really not!

So you’re pretty good at Yoga, then?

I did my teacher training at a retreat in Thailand last year. I’m very flexible what with all the practise. I do back drops, which is where you start from standing and lean back until you can touch the floor. I do hand balances too.

Where do you want to end up with all this?

Do you want to be some sort of guru? Yes, exactly! I just want to help people be healthy. I want to help advise on nutrition, lifestyle, spiritual – all mind, body and soul. It’s what moves me.

What’s your idea of a great night in?

I’m going to sound like one of those hippie creeps but a perfect night in would be yoga with incense, sage and my Krishna music. Nobody can be that chilled out all the time.

Do you ever just go properly mental?

Now that I’ve been getting into my spirituality, I’ve really been able to just let go and be more adventurous. I’ve been on roller coasters, which I never would have done before. But I do like to get together with my friends, who do these housekeeping events.

What’s that?

A bunch of friends get together and they DJ. They’ll make pop-up events around the city but they also have a residency in Ibiza. I love house music.

Midweek Hottie: FHM Girlfriend Danielle Hayley is a sexy fruit juice makin' yoga master

Hang on…you like house music? And Ibiza?

Everyone thinks Ibiza is just this crazy party but it’s got a really different side in the north. It’s an incredible island with amazing food and great people. I love it there.

Would a guy have to eat Kale and twist into all sorts of impossible shapes to impress you?

They don’t need to share the spiritual aspect of my life, they just need to respect my time and that I do it. I like someone who has their own life. Depending on another person to fulfil you isn’t good or healthy. I like someone who challenges me, too. Don’t give me everything I want or I’ll be gone in two seconds.

Midweek Hottie: FHM Girlfriend Danielle Hayley is a sexy fruit juice makin' yoga master


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