LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Diamond

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LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Diamond

LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Diamond

Position Difficulty: 3/5


This position may remind you of missionary, with the receiver lying on their back, but trust us; this is a position for power bottoms!

The thrusting partner will put all their weight on their knees and hands or elbows, while the receiving partner pushes their hips up to meet them while clenching their core.  To help bring some stability to this position, the bottoming partner may find it helps to put their feet side by side (flat on the ground) for a strong base, creating a diamond shape.  Make no mistake though, all the motion is controlled by the bottom partner, whether they want to pop their hips up and down on the bed, or use most subtle movements that come from clenching and relaxing their abs.


This sex position requires that the receiving partner exerts a lot of physical effort as they are the ones who are in control; this can be a nice change of pace, a little bit kinky…and a lot of work for both partners! Depending on the relative size of the partners and strength, the topping partner will need to use their forearms quite a bit to stay hovering above their partner, unless the bottom partner feels up to the challenge of supporting both bodies with their thrusts. That’s why, while we adore this position, we see it as something to switch into during missionary, but perhaps not one to stay in for the duration of lovemaking.

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