LELO Sex Position of the Week: An Even Kneel

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LELO Sex Position of the Week: An Even Kneel

LELO Sex Position of the Week: An Even Kneel

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There are two things we don’t like about being the receiver in the doggy-style position; firstly, it puts a lot of weight on your wrists and palms, and, perhaps more importantly, said use of hands to support the body means the receiver can’t use their own hands on their clitoris or penis.

Now, obviously any giving and game topping partner can help out with that, but many people find it easier to reach orgasm using their own many years of hands on experience. Thus, we get the seated sex position, the Even Kneel.

The thrusting partner enters the receiving partner anally or vaginally as they would in doggy-style, and both then sit back up straight. From there, thrusts are powered almost exclusively through the legs (with ample use of your bum muscles). The receiving partner is then able to use their hands or a small vibrator like SIRI™ 2―perhaps with vibrations powered by your own moans and sighs―to stimulate themselves.


If your dedication to leg day at the gym has been less than stellar, this position can be aided by both partners standing just a little bit straighter and hanging on to your headboard for leverage, but be careful if your dedication to reading instruction manuals may have similarly been lacking.

If you’re using this sex position for pegging and the receiving partner is significantly larger, they may need to lean forward slightly and to the headboard-grabbing to allow for maneuverability, but this also helps them control the depth of penetration much more easily!

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