How to Make Semen Taste Better

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Get the Funk Out of Your Spunk With These Helpful Tips

How to Make Semen Taste Better

Get the Funk Out of Your Spunk With These Helpful Tips

It’s no secret that oral sex is extremely intimate, for all parties involved, but part of the vulnerability, especially from the male perspective, comes from anxiety over the taste of sperm. After all, not many men have the slightest idea what their semen tastes like, but they can definitely tell if their partner doesn’t appreciate their, ahem, output. Obviously, you should want the best-tasting sperm possible for your partner’s sake, but it also stands to reason that if your spunk is foul-tasting, you can expect a lot less oral sex in the future. 

Semen tasting a bit iffy is hardly front-page news. It’s a weird gooey substance that comes out of your genitals, after all. But if you’re looking to be the producer of somewhat tastier ejaculate, there’s good news — you actually do have a decent amount of control over what your semen tastes like. 

That’s because lifestyle factors — things like diet and exercise; whether you smoke, drink or use drugs, and if so, how much — can have a significant impact on the flavor of your semen. 

In order to help you have the best-tasting semen around, AskMen spoke to a handful of sex experts about what to consume (and what to avoid). Here’s what they had to say: 

Exploring Semen Taste

There are lots of studies saying semen swallowing is good for one’s health (and even that it helps to fight depression!), but your partner has to want to go there, and ideally, they’re going to have a really good time while they’re at it so that they want to do it again.

“It’s only fair you do your part to make your semen taste better for that special someone so that oral sex and a blowjob can be more pleasurable for both of you,” says sex and relationship expert Psalm Isadora.

So, what exactly is semen made up of, and what does it taste like?

“Semen is mostly comprised of water, with fructose, sodium, some vitamins and minerals,” says Antonia Hall, a psychologist, relationship expert and sexpert and the award-winning author of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life.

For something with a relatively short ingredient list, the flavors can range significantly — semen can range from tasting like like bleach to tasting almost sweet (almost).

“While much of your flavor is not something you can control, the degree can be adjusted through diet and lifestyle,” says dating and sex coach Laurel House, star of E!’s Famously Single.

Many guys, however, have no idea how they rate on the fine to forget-about-it scale.

“You might think you taste OK because she swallows (or so you think… we have many ways to hide the spit), but that doesn’t necessarily communicate that she likes or can even stand it. Instead, she’s showing you that she really likes you,” says House.

You could ask your partner(s) what they think of your taste, and they may be honest with you — but they may just be trying to avoid hurting your feelings, too. Imagine how they would react if you admitted you didn’t like how they taste!

Regardless, there’s no harm in erring on the side of caution and trying to eat and drink the right things a bit more in order to have your oral sex partner(s) practically begging for more. Especially because, as you’ll see, they tend to mean making healthier choices. 

Things to Avoid That Are Making Your Semen Taste Bad

There are several foods and lifestyle choices that affect your flavor profile. A quick rundown of a few things that make you taste pretty bad include:


Stale cigarette flavor will infuse your semen if you’re a smoker. “Especially if you are a frequent smoker or you smoked right before sex. The flavor also comes out of your skin and nipples,” says House. As smoking also messes with your smile and your breath, it’s a good idea to avoid that vice altogether.

Drugs and Alcohol

“Marijuana and whiskey might feel good to consume, but don’t taste good when your partner imbibes,” says House. Better to stay away and have a cocktail after.


“Dairy adds healthy bacteria to your digestive tract, but that doesn’t translate to a healthy flavor,” says House. Plus, dairy tends to make many of us gassy or bloated, and who wants that when trying to show off the abs during sex? So try to stay away from milk, cheese, yogurt and butter before sex.


It’s been said that vegetarians and vegans have the best tasting releases. There’s a reason for that. “Steak might taste good to you, but it adds an extra salty flavor to your semen,” says House. If you are going to eat meat, poultry is a better bet than red meat. Then again, if your partner really craves salty and savory snacks, that steak may work for you.

High-Sulfur Foods

“High-sulfur foods Like cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli intensify the taste of your semen (and not in a good way),” says House.


Some caffeine is fine, but avoid too much. Caffeine in large quantities will make your semen have a bitter taste, and there’s nothing appetizing about that.

Processed Food

“Fast food burgers, fries, pizza and tacos have a chemical that make your semen taste bitter, so you’re better off, for your stomach and sex life, not indulging,” says House.


This one is probably kind of obvious. “If it affects your pee so strongly, imagine what it will do with your semen too,” says House.

Things That Can Make Your Semen Taste Better

All’s not lost, though: There are lots of foods that can make your semen taste much better, so maybe keep them in mind at dinner.

A general rule is that if it’s something that’s very good for your health, it’s probably going to benefit you in other areas as well. If it’s something that’s not good for your health, it’ll probably have related drawbacks to keep in mind. Always also remember that scent and taste are super related.

Fruits and Other Natural Sweeteners

“Cinnamon, wheatgrass, parsley, lemon and peppermint have all been shown to sweeten the taste of semen,” says House. Naturally sugary foods (not cookies and brownies) including pineapple, plums, kiwis, and blueberries make your taste tastier. Stock up on that pineapple juice now.


The tart fruit does the opposite with your semen and in fact helps to balance pH levels, which improves your semen, says House. So if you are going to have that cocktail, maybe make it a cranberry juice and vodka, high on the cranberry, low on the vodka.


This vegetable is high in Vitamin C and helps flush some of the salty semen flavor out. Plus, it’s said to be a negative calorie food: It takes more calories to digest it than it contains, making it a great choice to stock up on.

Planning Ahead for Better-Tasting Semen

There are certain things you might not want to eat if you were about to hook up with someone, or foods you may not want to eat if you were about to kiss someone for the first time.

“Don’t eat anything you wouldn’t eat before going out on a first date. Garlic, onion, asparagus, and broccoli are all strong foods that will make your ejaculate taste extremely pungent. If it’s bad for your breath, it’s bad for your cum,” says Andrew Nolan of

In general, remember that anything that’s toxic to us is toxic to our taste.

“Gentlemen, put down the jello shot, sex on the beach shot, and buttery nipple shot,” says Isadora. “Not one of those makes your semen taste any sweeter. If you want to improve the flavor of your love juice, improve your overall diet and health. Alcohol, cigarettes and lack of exercise all lead to toxins in the body that make your spunk taste funky. Unprocessed semen tastes better!”

The Impact of a Healthier Diet on Your Sperm

“An easy way to look at it is that being healthy helps to keep your semen tasting better,” says Nolan. “Your semen is an indicator of your overall health. Drinking, smoking weed, doing drugs, and drinking coffee all contribute to altering the taste of your cum by adding to the bitterness.”

“Instead, eat natural sugars like fruits,” Nolan says. “It turns out vegans and vegetarians have the best-tasting semen, presumably because of their high intake of fruits and vegetables. They also don’t eat red meat, as it can add to the saltiness of your semen, which is probably already salty enough.”

And while we’re talking smoothies, here’s a recipe for green juice you can have every day, or use as a cleanse if you really need to clean the toxins out of your pipes:

“Visit your local juice bar at a health foods store near you and ask them to make you this tonic for better sex and health,” says Isadora.

Pineapple juice
Lemon juice
Peppermint extract

“This will make for the perfect shot! Add cinnamon to taste for extra spice!” she says.

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