Fun Sex Positions

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Is your relationship suffering from bedroom boredom? Are you tired of using the same old positions in the same old places? It’s time to get a little experimental, and we’ve got some helpful suggestions to get you started.

Fun Sex Positions


Once upon a time this psychotherapist named Edward Eichel had the best job in the world. He sat around and dreamed up sex positions. (Lucky pervert.) He even invented “Coital Alignment Technique,” which is now just referred to as “the greatest sex position in the world.” Here’s how you do it: start in missionary position with your full weight on top of her instead of resting on your elbows. Move forward so that the base of your pubic bone is pushing into her clitoris. She should wrap her legs around your thighs and you both rock in motion to get the closest possible connection and stimulation. This position seems kind of tricky, but when you want something to happen you make it happen.


Honestly, I love missionary. There’s just something about being on my back and having a man cradle and crush me that is beyond sexy. However, missionary is always better with slight adjustments. Have her put her ankles on your shoulders. This allows you to pull her close, so she is completely folded into you and you can kiss her neck and face while you two pump away. If you lean back, it allows deep, hard penetration to hit her G-spot and you’ll have full access to stimulate her.


Instead of staying on all fours like you usually do in doggy style, have her lay down flat on her stomach and slightly push up her ass resting her weight on her chest and knees. You enter her the same and thrust. Your bodies are close like when you have sex and spoon, but the friction is way more intense and you are penetrating deep while staying in control. The more she pushes herself into you the better her orgasm. This is a really sensual position, so make it all about her.


Banging in the bedroom constantly is boring. Sometimes you have to go beyond your sheets. For this position, you are going to need a kitchen table (duh, the name kind of gives that one away) though, technically, you could use any surface — but we like the table. Your waist should line up with the edge of the table. Have her lie down on the table with her butt on the edge, you should hold her hips as leverage as she puts her feet on the table or on your shoulders. This position rules for a few reason: firstly, the perpendicular angle you are penetrating at gives both maximum thrusting power for you and easy access to her clitoris. She can easily clench her butt as you grab her hips, which will allow blood flow to her area and facilitate her orgasm. The Kitchen Table begs for rough, deep penetration, so have fun.


In this position both of you are lying down. She is on her back and you are on your side. She should drape her legs over your middle like a big X. This position works because you can easily stimulate her clitoris. Since your bodies aren’t squished against one another you can touch and play with her or bring in a toy. Plus, it gives you both a fresh view. It’s a tough position to master, so give it a view tries and work into your groove.


In any missionary position, whether it’s straight-up or her ankles are on your shoulders or she is wrapped around you, adding a pillow under her backside will give her torso a lift, allowing you to maximise penetration and more easily hit her G-spot. The extra lift pushes her pelvis up and connects you two in a more intimate, accessible pose that allows you to stimulate her clitoris and touch her body easily. This doesn’t work for all women (especially those who can’t handle deep penetration), so remember the golden rule we all learned from Jason Lee in Chasing Amywhen he was talking about going down on a chick, “You gotta handle it like CNN and the Weather Channel: constant updates.” Talk to each other and communicate what you want from your partner.


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