8 Beautiful Ways Falling In Love Feels Different As You Age

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Photo: simona pilolla 2 / Shutterstock 8 Beautiful Ways Falling In Love Feels Different As You Age

It is not about my age. You may be feeling that I am so old and infuriated that I wrote this. Unfortunately, it is not about my age. It is about my perspective.

As you grow older, your perspective on love changes. Even though we are all selfish in nature, it becomes about getting something more substantive and real.

When I was young, it was about going for the fast one and falling hard. But as you grow older, falling in love means more than the physical beauty we see.

Here are 8 beautiful ways falling in love feels different as you age:

1. You take the time to get to know the person

We want to know the person and be willing to find substance in them. What are their goals? What is their background? Do we have similar interests? What do they like about me? Are they willing to pursue the relationship as much as I want? As you grow older, you ask yourself more relevant questions before you accept a proposition or go for someone.

2. You find what truly matters

It is clear what you want. You are more serious about life. It comes down to what truly matters. It may mean companionship, warmth, and affection.

Yes, it all comes down to having more depth and taking as much as you are giving. You don’t have the time to tolerate frivolities. You have a better eye for seeing red flags and not tolerating questionable behavior.

3. It’s not simply about falling in love

Falling in love is more superficial when you are younger. As you grow older, you want to discover and desire more about your partner. It is not about being restless, enthusiastic, or passionate. Perhaps you have seen so much and want to be understood, trusted, and more responsible.

It’s not just about going to the cinema or going to a fancy restaurant; you want something with more depth. You don’t mind visiting an online storage auction to buy your partner something really nice.

4. You appreciate your partner’s personality

You tend to appreciate the other person’s sincere gesture. You see them for who they are and what they have achieved. It is about how you can make them better, and it is more of a slow burn than a fast and furious tale.

5. You can communicate better

Since you know what you want, you are pretty precise about your feelings and expectations. You are clear and know what you can take and not take. The person can hear you speak to them, and you can build a strong foundation of communication.

6. You have experience

Experience is a candid teacher. Perhaps you have listened to your friends share their experiences, you have read such articles, you have read books, and you have had your own relationship experiences. You have a broader view when you are older because you have experience. You don’t simply assume or jump to conclusions, you are willing to find out and make hard decisions.

7. There have been screw-ups

You are bound to make mistakes as you grow older, and the person you meet would have made mistakes, too. It is about learning through the process.

8. You are not scared of being single

Falling in love may not be with another person. It may be with yourself! Why should you be scared of being in love with yourself when falling in love with another person fails?

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