15 Personality Traits That Kill Attraction To You

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Photo: Iryna Imago / Shutterstock 15 Personality Traits That Kill Attraction To You

Though it’s supposedly rare, everyone has met someone who was breathtakingly stunning but perpetually single.

While people often wonder how they’re single, the answer soon becomes very apparent, very quickly.

It’s their personality.

And there’s a good handful of personality traits that make people repulsive to the opposite sex. Here are some of the biggest offenders that have ended a crush fast.

Here are 15 personality traits that kill attraction to you:

1. Rage

Anger is not sexy, despite what romance novels and thrillers may have you believe. Most people find anger to be downright terrifying and one of the biggest love repellents on the planet.

2. Entitlement

Nothing quite says that you’ve got issues like expecting things to just fall into your lap or expecting special treatment because you’re “such a nice guy.” Among people looking for love, this often signals that you’re an emotionally stunted mess with no self-awareness.

3. Immaturity

We are currently in the middle of a plague of f-boys, and it’s a global issue. Most people do not want f-boys or f-girls because no one likes being used, disrespected, and feeling led on. If you throw tantrums, pout, and act like a jerk, you will not get many people who would want you as a long-term lover.

4. Awkwardness

Your social skills are a lot like a muscle you’d use.

When you work out your social skills by talking to others and learning about others, you become less awkward. When you stay solo, your social skills tend to atrophy. By going out and talking to others on a regular basis, you can smooth this issue out. Unfortunately, being too awkward can make it hard for some people to be into you in the meanwhile.

5. Negativity

Though misery loves company, no one really wants to be around a miserable person for too long. If you’re constantly negative and crapping all over anything positive, then you’re going to be single for a very, very long time.

6. Desperation

Does anything quite say “unhinged” and “unattractive” as desperation? Probably not. No one wants to be with a desperate person, not even other desperate people.

7. Instability

This is a sad personality trait because it’s not always the person’s fault that they are unstable.

But the sad thing fact is that people tend to like to be with others who are stable, secure, and capable of being easily predicted. Mental, emotional, or even financial instability is often what keeps people who would otherwise be coupled up alone.

8. Immorality

Some people might like the “bad boy” types, but almost no one willingly and knowingly dates people who are immoral and unethical for the long term. Why? Because there’s no saying that they won’t do something horrible to you, too.

9. Neediness

Ever have a date who is really needy? Or, just, really dependent on you for everything? It’s not attractive. At all. And it makes both men and women run away fast.

10. Insecurity

Everyone is insecure to a point, but there’s a limit to how insecure you can be while still being attracted. If you act out due to insecurity, you can rest assured that it’s most likely what’s keeping you single.

11. Overbearing behavior

People who insist on being the loudest, most domineering person in a relationship are not charismatic. They’re often very overbearing and very manipulative, and most people can smell that from a mile away. As a result, this personality issue often keeps people single.

12. Bad mindsets

This trait can come in a lot of different forms — misandry, misogyny, and the idea that a great career entitles you to sex.

The list goes on and on. Unfortunately, with some beliefs, they get so ingrained into a person’s subconscious that they start to base a huge amount of their actions on them. This can make them totally repulsive to the opposite sex.

13. Hypersexuality

Being super-horny might be a good thing if you’re a sex worker or just looking to get laid by someone desperate. However, it’s generally a very bad look for anything long-term, at least at the start. Tone it down a notch, will you?

14. Egotism

If you’ve ever met someone who seemed to think that they are way better than you, then you already know how unattractive this can be. No one wants to date a person whose arrogance makes them feel like they’re just not enough to please them. No one wants a selfish brat, either. As a result, this is a mood killer on the highest of levels.

15. Nothingness

This is what I call the personality trait which results in no motivation, no hobbies, and nothing outside of a relationship. Motivation, passion, and other interests are sexy. If you have none of that, don’t expect to get coupled up.

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