25 Signs Your Soulmate Is Masquerading As Your Best Friend

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Photo: Ikostudio, Mixmike | Canva 25 Signs Your Soulmate Is Masquerading As Your Best Friend

By Macy Williams

C’mon, nobody knows you like your best friend. A BFF is the only person who totally gets you. Your biggest secrets, memories, and laughs are all shared with that one person.

Let’s be real: your best friend is basically your platonic love.

Here are 25 signs your soulmate is masquerading as your best friend:

1. You are always reminding each other that you’re both amazing

I mean, obviously. She’s your other half.

2. When your best friend leaves, you get separation anxiety

You always have to be near her.

3. You have got your coordinated dance moves perfected

You two are the best things at any wedding.

4. You can do funny things together that the outside world would probably judge you for

But who cares?

5. Your BFF is also your BCB (best cuddle buddy)

She gives the best cuddles.

6. You guys get in fights and then make up immediately

You can never stay mad at her.

7. You will always side with one another

Everyone else is wrong.

8. You force your BFF to come along with you on your stupid excursions

She’s the only thing that can make them better.

9. You are there for each other when one of you needs to sulk on the bathroom floor

When you’re sad, she knows how to help you through it.

10. You are brutally honest about your BFF’s fashion choices because you both have to look good

And you have to match.

11. You take selfies together and then both post the photos to Instagram at the same time

You two do everything together.

12. You listen to the same music

You two even share a Spotify account.

13. Your goal in life is to provide your BFF with the ugliest possible faces

You always make them at her when someone else is talking.

14. You are perfectly content doing nothing and watching TV together

You wouldn’t want to spend Friday night any other way.

15. But when you party together, it’s going down

The last time the two of you went out, the cops were called.

16. When something great happens to your friend, you are more excited than they are

You love it when she shares good news with you.

17. Sometimes you wear the same outfit without even planning it

That’s how in tune the two of you are.

18. You find it a tragedy that your BFF is not the gender you’re attracted to

You would totally date her if you could.

19. Your mannerisms are basically the same

Sometimes people get you mixed up.

20. You go on vacations together because who else would you want to go with

She’s the best travel buddy.

21. You talk about getting a pet together

It would obviously be a cat.

22. You can endlessly complain to your BFF and you know she will deal with it

She’s the perfect listener.

23. You can stuff your faces together without judgment

You two love deep-dish pizza.

24. You love her even when you hate her

No one else gets on your nerves like her.

25. You are always relating to each other

Do you share a brain or something?

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Macy Williams is a freelance writer, former content director, and editorial director. 

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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