What Your Clothes Reveal About Relationship Status, According To A Lifestyle Guru

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Photo: Anatoliy Cherkas / Shutterstock What Your Clothes Reveal About Relationship Status, According To A Lifestyle Guru

If you’re a religious Real Housewives of New York watcher it’s likely you’ve laid eyes on lifestyle guru Derek Warburton.

You’ll remember him, back in the day, as OG Alex McCord’s “day gay,” the colorfully dressed fashionista who helped McCord and the girls put together a runway show for Brooklyn Fashion Week.

Warburton co-hosted Britain’s Fashion Avenue with supermodel Jodi Kidd, lent his eye to Beyonce’s House of Derion campaign, and signed on as a fashion consultant on the former Blaze trak.

And, Warburton designed a room for Design On A Dime, a Housingworks event for charity in New York City.

So what have all the years taught him? Shelve the tanner, stock up on black dresses, and run from a guy in pointed shoes.

Here are what your clothes say about your love life:

1. What can you tell by a guy’s shoes?

“Everything! You know how meticulous he is by his shoes. Are they polished? Is he in sneakers? Are they plastic? You know a guy in faux leather is a boxer type of guy. I am not such a fan of a boxer guy… they always seem a little sloppy. Put some thought into it please!”

2. Is there an article of clothing that screams “player”?

“Again, the shoes. Whenever I see a guy in pointy pimp shoes, the apple doesn’t seem to fall far from the tree.”

3. How about the opposite: what screams “marry me”?

“A marry me kind of guy always wears a blazer. He respects you if he’s going to make an effort, especially on a date. A guy who wants to spend his life with you is going to think about every little thing that’s going to make you think he really cares.”

4. What’s a female fashion trend you’d love to see die?

“The Jersey tan. Why is it that we’re all trying to look a color that we wouldn’t look like in the sun anyway?”

5. What’s the perfect first-date outfit?

“For a woman, the perfect first-date outfit is a little black dress. All men think this dress is sexy. Short but not too short, and cleavage but not too much. This will make the mind wander. Also, in a tasteful black dress, a guy will think from the first instant he can take you anywhere. T

hat is the key to getting a guy. Guys want to take you anywhere. I literally met a guy yesterday who’s dating a female friend of mine. He told me, when his mom asked what she was like he said “She’s great! She can go to a rock club and on the same night we can go to a benefit, she’s the perfect girl.”

6. What should you never wear on a first date?

“Jeans and a T-shirt. Let him think you put some thought into it. Actually, let me take that back. You can wear jeans and a T-shirt if you wear stilettos. Men love heels. You can be in a camisole, in tight jeans with the highest heels, and a guy will go crazy.”

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