[Video] The Guide to G-Spots & Multiples -The Ultimate O

[Video] The Guide to G-Spots & Multiples -The Ultimate O

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The best part of sex just got better. Orgasm; Until now, lovers have considered it the ultimate climax-the successful end to any lovemaking experience. Watch this DVD and you will learn that it can be much more. This breakthrough video teaches lovers how to push the boundaries of sexual pleasure to reach unprecedented levels of satisfaction. Women will experience their bodies as never before. Attractive couples will instruct in explicit and enlightening detail how to find and stimulate a woman’s “Inner Trigger”-the G-spot. Men will learn simple but powerful techniques that help them tolerate more stimulation before ejaculation, unlocking the mystery of the male multuiple-climax and experiencing more-and more intense-orgasms.

[Video] The Guide to G-Spots & Multiples -The Ultimate O

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