Top 4 Slow Sex Positions for More Intimate Sex

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Top 4 Slow Sex Positions for More Intimate Sex

Top 4 Slow Sex Positions for More Intimate Sex

While we are certainly fans of kinky, acrobatic sex positions, there are also times when all we want is to make time stop, truly enjoying and exulting in our partner’s body and our shared pleasure. Below, we offer the best erotic sex positions for delighting in the journey, not the destination.

The Spoon

Top 4 Slow Sex Positions for More Intimate Sex

Difficulty: 2/5

A long-time favorite of lazy-Sunday-morning lovers, the spooning position is the perfect position for taking a passionate embrace from behind, and letting yourselves bury your mouths and noses in each other’s necks.

For extra support while grinding against each other, you can twist your legs between the other person’s, or the penetrating partner can lean away and massage their partner’s back with a warm, aromatic oil.

Lazy Dog

Top 4 Slow Sex Positions for More Intimate Sex

Difficulty: 2.5/5

The easiest way to think of this position is to think of it as the spooning position with the receiving partner lying flat on their stomach. It’s fantastic for anal sex, as it keeps the penis, once inserted, from making larger thrusts, but stays deep within as the receiver’s body is tight around it.

The receiving partner can put a small vibrator like LILY™2 under their body for hands-free sensation, as you both intertwine your fingers.

The Rocker

Top 4 Slow Sex Positions for More Intimate SexDifficulty: 2.5/5

Many men love woman-on-top positions, but it can sometimes be hard for the receiver to establish the right support to move comfortably from this position. Rather than offering a wild ride with the penetrating partner lying flat, this position is best enjoyed with their back against the headboard.

They can support the top partner’s bottom for an up and down movement, but letting them grind against makes for a greater slow sensation. Add a couples’ vibrator for extra intense internal vibrations that can be felt by both partners.

Up Against the Wall

Top 4 Slow Sex Positions for More Intimate Sex

Difficulty: 4/5

Just because sex is slow and intimate doesn’t mean it can’t work up a sweat. This position requires strength from the penetrating partner, or the receiver can sit on a counter or table.

While perfect for a hot and passionate quickie, the key to using it for a more intimate encounter is to do everything at half pace. Experiment with altering the angle of entry ever so slowly, or completely stopping to enjoy the closeness of your embrace.


Truly, pace and eye-contact are what make a position more intimate, but too many people confuse a slow pace with boring sex. Forcing yourself to hold off on orgasming helps you to be a much more present lover, and if you’re worried that it won’t be intense enough, check out some of LELO’s insertable couples’ massagers for a new sensation you both can share.

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