Thinking About Money During Sex

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Way Too Many People Are Worrying About Money When They’re Hooking Up

Thinking About Money During Sex

Way Too Many People Are Worrying About Money When They’re Hooking Up

The Story

Human beings are complex creatures, so it’s no surprise that sometimes people get distracted during sex and start to think about other things. 

In fact, some people even recommend thinking specifically non-sexy thoughts in order to reduce arousal and last longer.

But one thing probably no one recommends? Thinking about your financial situation. Yet that’s something that about 1 in 5 Americans has done recently, according to new survey data from the dating app Pure.

The Snapshot

Pure surveyed 2,000 Americans about the intersection of their love lives and their financial lives, and the results were a tad depressing.

Just over half of the respondents earning under $30,000 annually, for instance (52%), shared that money worries had negatively impacted their sex lives.

Thinking About Money During Sex

And while that can have an impact outside the bedroom — by impacting how much money you have to spend on dates or contraception, for instance — it can also impact things during sex itself, unfortunately, as 20% of those earning under $20,000 a year said they “often” think about their financial issues mid-coitus.

Thinking About Money During Sex

The Lesson

Unfortunately, the takeaway from this survey is basically that even besides the issue of wealth making you seem more attractive, not having a lot of money can, in fact, negatively impact your love life even with a committed partner who doesn’t care about your financial status, and there’s no quick and easy solution to that.

Not only is thinking about your money worries in bed not especially sexy, if it stresses you out, it’s likely to significantly decrease your arousal as well, as psychological stressors like that can activate your sympathetic nervous system, severely inhibiting your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

On the plus side, wealthier respondents seemed to be less impacted by these invasive money thoughts, so if ever you strike it rich, you can kiss them goodbye (hopefully).

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