The Best Tantric Sex Positions for You and Your Partner

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The Best Tantric Sex Positions for You and Your Partner

So, you and your partner have heard of tantric sex and decided that it might be the time to experience it yourselves. That’s great news because tantric sex is one of the best ways to build intimacy and connect better with your partner (and yourself). 

Tantric sex can sound intimidating for people new to the concept, but it’s easier than you think. And to get started with it, the only thing you need is a willing partner and a handful of great tantric sex positions:

1. Flying Solo

The Best Tantric Sex Positions for You and Your Partner

Before you try tantric sex with a partner, it might be useful to experiment with it yourself by trying out tantric masturbation. Usually, masturbation is reserved as a quick way to get off, and tantric masturbation is a great way to understand your pleasure better. 

It’s always best to start small when it comes to trying out new things in the bedroom. So, when you’re ready to experience slow solo sex, dedicate some time for the activity. You’ll want to be fully relaxed and not thinking about the next appointment on your calendar. 

You might want to light some candles, put on some soft music and dress in some nice underwear or not wear any at all. The goal here is to set the mood and make yourself comfortable and relaxed. 

It might be worth it to get into a warm bath and start playing with yourself while you’re there. The goal of tantric masturbation and tantric sex, in general, is to experience every sensation in your body, so don’t rush into an orgasm straight away. 

Let your hands explore your body, touching everywhere, not only your breasts and clit or vagina. Then, close your eyes and take deep breaths, willing your mind to solely focus on the touch and sensations, just like you would during a meditation session. 

2. Fetus

The Best Tantric Sex Positions for You and Your Partner

When you’re ready to experiment with your partner, then the first tantric sex position you want to try is the Fetus. It’s a position that requires minimal effort and stamina, so it’s a great starting point that won’t intimidate either you or your partner. 

The bottom partner gets on their side, pulling their knees to their chest while the top partner leans over them, penetrating from the side. The Fetus position offers a lot of skin-on-skin contact, which will allow both of you to focus on pleasant sensations. 

Also, this position allows for easy access to your partner’s face, so you can kiss and keep eye contact during sex. This is an important part of tantric sex as it creates intimacy and deepens the connection between you and your partner. 

For the best results, try slow and deep thrusts and deep breathing. 

3. Missionary

The Best Tantric Sex Positions for You and Your Partner

While people love to discount Missionary as the most boring position, it actually is one of the best tantric sex positions. It’s relaxing, comfortable, and offers the closest contact with your partner, so you’re surely connecting with them throughout the whole experience. 

To get into this position, the bottom partner lays on their back on the bed or any other surface while the top partner lays over them, settling between their legs. 

Before any penetration occurs, try looking at each other’s eyes while breathing deeply together, trying to sync your breaths. Next, you can try dry humping as a way to warm up and experience different sensations. 

As with the Fetus, long and slow thrusts are the key as the orgasm is not the point of the tantric sex experience. 

4. The Goddess

The Best Tantric Sex Positions for You and Your Partner

The Goddess tantric sex position is very similar to the Cowgirl position, and it offers a ton of stimulation while still being very intimate. 

The bottom partner lays on their back on the bed or another surface while the top partner sits over them with their knees bent as if they were squatting or sitting on a chair. The top partner can lean back and on their hands for support, or they can seek out the touch of the bottom partner’s chest, creating more intimacy.

The Goddess allows you to always keep eye contact with your partner, and you can both fully enjoy the view of each other while in this position. Also, this position offers a deep penetration angle, which can help you experience cervix orgasm. 

There are a few ways to ride a bottom partner. The top partner can bounce up and down, slowly riding the bottom partner. Another way would be grinding or rolling the hips, making circles, and swinging to the sides to fully experience all sensations. 

Because The Goddess position provides the best access to the clit, use that to play with it and even add a bullet vibrator to the mix for the most stimulation.

5. Sensual Fork

The Best Tantric Sex Positions for You and Your Partner

The Sensual Fork is a variation of the regular Fork sex position, and it’s one of the best tantric sex positions because it’s intimate, sensual and helps you be very close physically with your partner. In this position, almost every inch of your body will be touching, and that is exactly the experience you want. 

The bottom partner lays on their side, with one leg bent a little over the knee. The top partner settles behind them, sliding their leg between the bottom partner’s legs as they penetrate. You both can either lay flat or use a pillow under your side to help you stay upright for better access to each other’s faces.

Keep eye contact, share kisses as you have sex, and as with all the other positions, try syncing your breaths and breathing deeply to enhance the pleasure. 

6. Adjusted Spoon

The Best Tantric Sex Positions for You and Your Partner

Another similar tantric sex position to the Sensual Fork is the Adjusted Spoon. 

This position is a little bit less intimate than the others on the list. Instead of cuddling, as you would do during the regular Spooning position, the bottom partner has their back bent forward, away from the top partner. So, the bottom partner lays on the side, bent forward as the top partner lays on their side as they penetrate from the side. 

It’s a very good position for slow and deep thrusts that don’t require much energy. It also offers an opportunity to experiment with different angles of penetration than with the usual Spooning position. 

While the bottom partner is further away during the Adjusted Spoon from the top partner, there is still plenty of opportunities for different sensations, so make sure to be hands-on and explore your partner’s body with your hands while you’re in this position. 

7. Spread Eagle

The Best Tantric Sex Positions for You and Your Partner

The Spread Eagle is one of the most versatile tantric sex positions, and it offers an array of great stimulation options while still being very intimate.

The bottom partner lays on their back on the bed or other surface with their legs up and spread wide as the top partner settles at the end of the bed or other surface during penetration. 

The top partner also keeps their partner’s legs up by their ankles, allowing them to shift the position of the legs during the intercourse to experiment with different angles if needed. 

The Spread Eagle is perfect for vaginal and anal penetration. It’s also perfect for clitoral stimulation by either of the partners, and it’s great for deep penetration angles that are sure to hit all the right spots. 

Keeping eye contact and sharing breath during sex is also easy, and it’s a very comfortable and relaxing position to be in. 

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