The Best Sex Techniques for Uncircumcised Men

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The Dos and Don’ts of Sex When It Comes to Being Uncut

The Best Sex Techniques for Uncircumcised Men

The Dos and Don’ts of Sex When It Comes to Being Uncut

While circumcision remains popular in western culture, the number of uncut men out there are dwindling. In 1979, statistics reported that nearly two-thirds of male infants were circumcised. By 2010, that percentage dropped to under 60. One can assume this trend has since followed in similar fashion. Speculation posits much of the decrease is credited to medical professionals’ waning support on whether the procedure is necessary or worthwhile.

Advocates of circumcision value that the procedure reportedly reduces the chances of transmitting sexual infections such as HIV. However, this comes at a “small, but significant” price for the men taking a scissor to their penis, according to research. The surgical removal of foreskin impacts sexual pleasure. You see, the fleshy “turtleneck” hugging your head contains nearly 20,000 nerve endings, which is a lot.

With the skin removed, the head of the penis (the most sensitive part, FYI) is exposed to the elements and continuously rubbed against clothing, decreasing the glans’ sensitivity and responsiveness. For comparison’s sake, the foreskin is similar to the hood of the clitoris, acting as nature’s protector.

Evidently, the foreskin aids in bedroom antics, too. A study from Denmark found women with circumcised spouses were twice as likely to report sexual dissatisfaction than with their hooded counterparts. Many believe this is because the foreskin provides additional contact with the clitoris.

Whether you have an uncircumsized penis (or you’re interested in somebody who does), a penis is a penis, and most respond to similar forms of stimulation. However, there are some unique traits and precautionary measures you should first consider if you’re yearning for a truly toe-curling experience.

Communication Is Key

As one who dabbles in sex with all genders, experience has proven that some guys like having their foreskins pulled back with direct contact on the head, while others will wince and recoil if you so much as touch the head when it’s exposed. This just means some penises are more sensitive than others, but the distinction can make all the difference.

“All guys, circumcised and uncircumcised, are going to like different types of stimulation,”says Antonia Hall, psychologist and author of “The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life.” “There may be extra skin that he enjoys having licked, stroked and played with, or he may require more stimulation due to desensitization from his foreskin.”

Sex and relationship therapist Shamyra Howard notes that being careful is key when retracting foreskin, as some uncircumcised penises become significantly tighter when erect. “Asking your partner to show you their technique can be a good way to observe how careful they are with retracting the foreskin,” she advises.

Basically, just watch and learn.

Lube Up and Go With the Flow

Although uncircumcised men often require less lubricant during sex and masturbation since it is naturally slicker, both Hall and Howards recommend lubing your hand first to aid with any sensitivity.

“Stroke gently at first until you get a feel for motions that feel good to your partner,” says Hall. “Working in a swirling motion up and down the shaft feels incredible to most guys.”

The beauty of stroking an uncircumcised penis is that the foreskin serves as a sleeve that will naturally glide and guide the hand up and down. Grip firmly and really work the skin, or you can even pull the foreskin over the head and pull it back repeatedly. This friction is unique to uncircumcised men and it feels fantastic, assuming it’s being done cautiously. You never want to forcibly pull back on someone’s foreskin, as it might be loose and pliable, while others are quite tight. A general rule of thumb: Do not stretch a tight foreskin, and play around with those who have some extra wiggle room.

A Few Oral Sex Tips

As previously mentioned, the head of the penis is extremely sensitive, but it’s actually the frenulum, located under the head of the penis and attached to the glans to the foreskin, that’s the most sensitive of this area. Naturally, licking or massaging here is a great place to start. It is key to keep the head wet throughout, too, as the lack of exposure to touch can become unbearably sensitive or even painful from continuous contact.

When it comes to technique, swirling the tongue over the foreskin is a good go-to. For a real liberating experience, you can put your tongue inside the foreskin and roll it around slowly. But again, like nipples, some penises are more sensitive than others, so gauge his reaction before continuing. If he tenses up, this could mean it’s too sensitive. If the penis does get agitated, the best thing to do is give it a break by re-covering the head with the foreskin.

Some men also enjoy a little nibble on their foreskins as well, but with such a risky maneuver, you might want to ask permission first. Teeth around the penis in any context is pretty nerve-wrecking.

Put Him at Ease With Positive Feedback

Because uncircumcised penises are not the norm in North America, those who have them may feel slightly insecure or sensitive about their foreskins. Reassurance from a sexual partner regarding any insecurity can go a long way. If you like the foreskin, tell him. Positive feedback is never a bad thing if it’s honest, especially for guys who feel like they’re in the minority.

Don’t make him feel like having foreskin means he’s a freak. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Just embrace it, allow him to own it and most importantly, figure out how to have some fun.

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