The 5 Types Of People You Should Never Fall In Love With, According To Experts

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Photo: RDNE Stock project | Canva The 5 Types Of People You Should Never Fall In Love With, According To Experts

There are a lot of people out there with commitment issues. If you’re dating one of them, it’s not good for you. Your relationship is probably going nowhere fast, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you’ll find real happiness and love.

Below is a list of people that no one (of any age) should spend a second with once you figure them out.

Don’t try to change them. Don’t try to help them overcome their commitment phobia. Instead, just run! After all, the more time you spend with the wrong person, the more time it will take to meet the right person.

Here are 5 types of people you should never fall in love with:

1. The forever-coddled kid

We’ve all dated someone like this. They don’t make any decisions without their parent’s approval.

You might recognize others on the list mixed in with the coddled kid. (For example, they could also be non-committal because they are already committed to their main squeeze: their parent.)

A way to spot a forever-coddled kid is when their mother helps them pick out their house, clothes, and you (their partner).

They ask for their parent’s opinion, not your opinion. If they are sick at any age and their parents must come over to take care of them, you have a forever-coddled kid on your hands. Lose them quicker than a bad habit because you don’t want to end up doing their laundry and sorting out their life like their parents always have done.

2. The non-committal one

You have heard this before, and you will hear it again. If they say they don’t want a commitment, they mean it, and you need to respect that! You aren’t going to change their mind.

You won’t get what you want by waiting for them to see the light and get over their commitment issues. Dump them, and turn around to find the love of your life.

3. The Player

This person is out for one thing only, and their primary function is to play. If they do marry you, guess what? They will still act like a player, only now you will call them a serial cheater.

They don’t want a serious relationship, and neither should you because this person will waste your time. You can easily spot them on social media with all the hot people in their photos. Drop them and their unique type of commitment phobia.

4. The Narcissist

We have all seen this one before — they are pretty but with sociopathic tendencies mixed in. You might confuse the narcissist for a player or the plain ‘ol non-committal type.

But they are in a very committed relationship… with themselves. There is no room for you, your needs, or your issues because they are far too obsessed with themselves. Sorry, but the pattern will never change with them. Good luck finding an available mirror when they are around.

5. The Flake

Women are called flaky all the time, but everyone is flaky to some degree. When you combine flakiness with wishy-washy, you have a real problem on your hands.

You can never take this person seriously. They’re the type of person you end up in a text relationship with, who says they’re so into you yet can never make time for a face-to-face date where you can talk.

Maybe they don’t know what they want to do with their life. They might want to take you out on a date but can’t decide whether it’s a movie, dinner, what time, or how to get there. Yeah, you’re going to get tired of this one real quick. Throw them back because they aren’t a keeper either.

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