Straight Guys Reveal What It’s Like To Experiment With Anal Play

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12 Men Tell All About The First Time They Experimented With Backdoor Play

Straight Guys Reveal What It's Like To Experiment With Anal Play

12 Men Tell All About The First Time They Experimented With Backdoor Play

Any guy who has ever tried some anal play sexually knows that it doesn’t always come naturally. Of course, we could get into how usually things come out of there instead of go in and therefore it always feels pretty weird at first, but instead I’ll keep in scientific because we still have standards when it comes to writing — even if it is about ass play.

Anal, for men, is as close to a clitoral orgasm as we’ll ever get. Located inside the anus, the prostrate is essentially a male G-spot. When hit properly, whether it be with a finger or whatever else you’re using, it can send you over the edge and make you orgasm harder than you ever have before. It is for this reason that so many guys, despite which gender they’re into, tend to explore their butt over time. However, for some straight men there is a lot of shame, guilt, and confusion around admitting you enjoy anal. To these men, to enjoy butt stuff is to admit that they enjoy something predominately revered in the gay community.

Heck, all it takes it looking at how Kanye West reacted to Amber Rose’s iconic hashtag #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch to understand how much of a stigma there is when it comes to straight men admitting they enjoy their butts played with. For these men, it is this antiquated idea that to be on the insertion end of anything sexual would detract from their masculinity. And while it may seem insane, it does make sense. In our heteronormative culture we’re used to imagining a man penetrating a woman, and anything outside of that is considered “other.”

However, in an effort to beat back this stigma, we asked 12 of the most sexually open men we know about the first time they played with their butts:

“I remember seeing it in porn and wanting to try it. I think I didn’t realize just HOW much lube you would need so it was super painful the first time. I think I tried to use the handle end of a plunger!” — Bradley, 29
“I was with my ex at the time and she was blowing me, she slowly worked a finger in there and I was so in the moment I didn’t really realize it was happening. I’ve never cum harder in my entire life.” — Oliver, 24
“I remember trying it for the first time when I was 20. I was totally grossed out by the idea of putting a finger in there so I started with other items such as a highlighter and such. Have you ever tried to stick a highlighter up your ass? Don’t. As I got more comfortable with it I switched to fingers and it was allllll great.” — Mitchell, 25
“I went for the gold! The girl I was seeing at the time had a strap-on and we tried it out. By far some of the best sex of my life.” — Joshua, 28
“I’ve had a girl ask if she could rim me in college. At first the idea really grossed me out….but then she did it and worked a few fingers in there and I came without even touching myself.” — Matthew, 23
“I think the first time I tried something with my butt is when I was a young kid. I would jerk off and put fingers up there and it felt incredible. I admitted it to a bunch of my buddies years later and he seemed so disgusted…in my opinion, though, you can’t knock it until you try it.” — Aaron, 30
“I mean, I tried it because the same ole same ole was getting boring. If there is anything I’ve learned about putting things up my butt is that it can feel amazing sleeping with a girl….but it’s almost (but not) as good as cumming when you’re fingering yourself.” — Mike, 24
“Men… please play with your butt. You will thank me when you hit the wall behind you from coming so hard. I remember the first time I did it I was shocked at how intense the orgasm was.” — Alex, 25
“I had a girlfriend for a while who would want to use her double ended dildo with me when she was feeling wild. It was so hot, and sure, it is a little uncomfortable at first…but ultimately it feels like heaven.” — Travis, 29
“I definitely didn’t do enough research on it before hand. I kept having to stop because I thought I was going to shit on myself at least 5 times.” — Liam, 27
“The first time I ever did anything butt-wise, I was 25 and had watched some gay porn just to see what the hype was about. They seemed so into it, so I went out and bought a vibrator and a bunch of lube. I don’t think I left my house that weekend it felt too good to stop.” — Jeffrey, 29

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