Rise & Shine: Top Morning Sex Positions

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Rise & Shine: Top Morning Sex Positions

Regardless of how majestic the tune of our alarm, being roused from your slumber is one of the most pesky, irritating feelings. But does it have to be?
Not if you emerge right into one of LELO’s top positions for morning sex — so rise and shine, here they are!

Rise & Shine: Top Morning Sex Positions

The Spoon

If you wake up in the spoon position, you’re already halfway there. Simply start by reaching back and stroking your lover’s legs and nuzzling against their neck. As your partner responds affirmatively, you can move your pjs to facilitate sex without taking them off.

Woman on Top

While your lover is sleeping on their back, remove your top and straddle them with your legs on either side of their body. Start with kisses on their neck and chest, and then place their hands on your breasts as you begin gently swiveling your hips. When they wake, stop your gyrations for a kiss and to make sure they’re ready to get up (or if need 5 more minutes of shuteye).


Missionary was pretty much meant for morning sex. When you turn toward each other for some slow and sweet early morning cuddles, you can undress each other under the covers before one of you gets gently pulled on top.

Shower Sex

Chances are one of you showers in the morning, so volunteering to join the other every once in a while for a sensual sudsing is an excellent way to have morning sex without adding too much time to the morning routine!

Morning Delight

While morning and oral might leave you thinking of dental hygiene, waking up your partner with oral sex is sure to start their day off on the right foot.


While we realize that not everyone is a morning person, there’s little reason to hit that snooze button when that same hand can be used to initiate a touch of morning intimacy.  It is important to establish beforehand whether your partner is up for being woken up by sex (in the sort of general conversations you have about what types of things you are, might be, and definitely are not into in the bedroom) and of course, use common sense when it comes to interrupting their sleep when they have a big day at work that morning!

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