Places to Have Sex Before You Die

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15 Places to Try Having a Naughty Hook Up

Places to Have Sex Before You Die

15 Places to Try Having a Naughty Hook Up

One of the things that makes sex exciting is when there’s something new about it: a new partner, a new position, a new role-play fantasy, a new toy.

But while it can be difficult to continue finding new ways to have sex in, for instance, a long-term monogamous relationship, one convenient way to keep switching things up with your partner is to try having sex in different locations.

Each time you do, not only will there be a thrill of the unfamiliar, but it will also give you a distinctive memory. When you have sex in the same bed many times, whether it’s 10 or 100 or 1,000, they can all start to bleed together.

But if you have sex in a lot of different locations, your memory of each place’s unique look, feel and smell will help keep the memory of the sex fresh and special.

So, in the spirit of having fun sex in lots of different places, here is a list of some of the most interesting and exciting places we think pretty much all guys should try to have sex at least once.

In Every Room of Your Home

Look, there’s nothing wrong with having sex in your bed. It’s comfortable, it’s cozy, and it’s private. But if it’s the only place you’ve hooked up in your home, well, you may be lacking a bit of imagination.

Whether you live in a one-room studio or a giant mansion, hooking up on every available surface in your own space can be a lot of fun. Couch sex is an easy and obvious next step, but what about sex on your table? Or a kitchen counter? Or shower sex in your bathroom?

In Front of a Mirror

One place you should definitely do it? Near a mirror. Ideally, a full-length or otherwise sizeable one — so you can watch yourselves get it on in real time. It’s got lots of the fun of making a sex tape, without the issue of anyone else getting their hands on it later.

In a Hotel

Hotel sex is a lot of fun. Whether you’re role-playing as two lovers having a tryst in a seedy motel, or imagining that you’re hiring an escort at a high-class hotel, or simply taking the opportunity to go wild without having to worry about making the bed later, there’s something deeply sexy about hooking up in a hotel room.

In Someone Else’s Home

Sure, if you’re in a relationship and you don’t live together, you’ve probably had sex in each partner’s home. But what about a home where neither of you live?

Whether it’s an Airbnb you’ve rented, a friend’s house you’re house-sitting at, or some other permutation, there’s a certain illicit thrill to being alone in someone else’s home and taking advantage of the moment to have a quickie.

In Nature

Having sex indoors is great — but what about sex outdoors? Getting it on in a forest, a big enough park to have secluded spots, or a field out in the middle of nowhere can be super hot.

Whether it’s in the summer heat or you’re brave enough to engage in some outdoor sex in winter, you get to feel like one of your long-ago ancestors having raw and earthy sex without any of the trappings of modernity.

On a Beach

Sex on the beach — a concept so nice, they named a drink after it. Of course, the truth is that beaches are often unpleasant places to have sex, primarily because of the sand that might get all over your most intimate parts, and also because, beaches being destinations, it can be hard to find one empty enough to allow for getting it on.

But it’s also true that, if you do find yourself alone with a partner on a secluded beach, you should take advantage of it. The emptiness of the space can be incredibly freeing — and sexy.

In Water

Feeling brave enough to really get wet? Having sex in water is a whole different ball game. And while it comes with a handful of safety concerns that make it a no-go in a variety of different settings, in the right ones, it can be a mind-blowing and unique experience.

(And if you’re not much of a swimmer, you can still make use of a hot tub or a large bathtub in a pinch.)

On a Roof

If you ever live in a home with rooftop access, whether it’s in an apartment building or it’s the roof of the home you literally own, sex on the roof can be a great thrill.

Of course, much depends on what the neighboring buildings are like and who’d be able to see you, but rooftops can be incredibly private and empty spaces in cities, and taking advantage of that to fool around with a partner while you can hear the noise of everyone going about their day on the streets below can be a naughty thrill.

At a Party

House parties can be super erotic moments, filled with sexy people enjoying themselves, whether they’re mostly friends, strangers or acquaintances.

Sneaking away from the action with another attendee and finding an unoccupied room to get it on in is a time-honored sexy tradition. Just make sure you don’t make a lot of noise, or a mess — or end up hogging the one bathroom.

In a Car

Whether you’re safely parked in a secluded spot or engaging in risky “road head,” car sex is a staple of any culture where most people have cars. In the right circumstances, you can forget about the outside world entirely and focus on you and your partner’s bodies.

(Of course, the tricky part can be figuring out where and how to place them, given the space constraints of many modern vehicles.)

In a Public Bathroom

Some of the only private spaces in public are public washrooms. And, surprise, they’re also a space where people like to get it on. Sex in a bathroom can be logistically tricky, and, depending on how often it gets cleaned, more than a bit icky — but if you can find a clean, unisex locking bathroom for a single person, you’re good to go for a sweet public quickie.

At a Concert

Great concerts are all about going wild, letting loose and having a memorable experience, so it’s no surprise that people often want to hook up at them. Whether it’s in the bathroom at a rock show or by sneaking off somewhere at a giant music festival, the energy and the excitement create a perfect backdrop for a naughty dalliance.

At Work or School

Sex at work or school can be seriously tricky, given the potential professional or academic consequences if you’re caught. But when people spend so much of their waking lives in a particular building, it’s only natural that at some point they wonder what it’d be like to hook up there.

Whether you’re bringing a partner there or the hookup itself is with a colleague or classmate, the thrill of the illicit in a place that’s supposed to be for serious things can be, well, seriously hot.

On a Plane or Train

There’s no question that the “Mile High Club” has become a lot trickier to gain access to in the 21st century, but making use of the rickety washrooms for passengers while you’re traveling is also a time-honored tradition for horny people.

You can also make use of trips on relatively empty planes, trains or buses to engage in some inconspicuous heavy petting or manual stimulation, such as under a well-placed blanket. Just make sure you have something on hand for any necessary cleanup!

In Your Old Bedroom

Whether it’s the holidays or just a trip back to see the folks, if you’re one of the lucky people whose parents still live where they did when you were a teenager, getting to bring someone back to the place you slept when you were a hormone-crazed teen feeling constant feelings of sexual arousal can be a heart-warming “full-circle” moment.

AskMen does not condone illegal activity. Make sure to research whether it’s OK to engage in sexual activities in a given situation before you do, as getting caught in some of these situations could lead to financial or legal repercussions.

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