LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Wheelbarrow

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LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Wheelbarrow

LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Wheelbarrow


Position Difficulty: 5/5


We’re not going to mince words―this is a position for folks who have been itching to show off the results of their intense crossfit-alternating-with-advanced-yoga fitness schedule. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

Getting into the Wheelbarrow sex position is a bit of a trust exercise in of itself―and one best carried out when you’re both feeling a bit silly and playful rather than when you’re looking for a passionate quickie. The receiving partner should bend at the waist and place their arms on edge of the bed, and then let their partner raise up their pelvis by the thighs. It can technically be executed with the receiving partner on the floor if your heights complement it, but given that this position takes a lot of balance, not to mention core strength, once thrusting starts, so we suggest using a bed or the edge the arm of a couch to account for any sudden spills!


Like we said, this sex position is not for the faint of heart―or for actually fainting for that matter. The receiver should raise their head periodically to make sure this position doesn’t lead to you actually taking a tumble in the ground. Additionally, it’s best to for them to rest their weight on their forearms rather than the hands because the wider surface area will make it less painful.

The delicate balance required for this position doesn’t lend itself to too much moving around the room, so for the sake of the thrusting partner, position yourselves somewhat near a wall so they can lean back and take a break if they need―they’ve earned it.

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