LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Running Start

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LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Running Start

LELO Sex Position of the Week: The Running Start

Position Difficulty:  2/5


We are willing to bet that most of you looking at this sex position are thinking, ‘What is this and, more importantly, why?!’

At LELO, we like to get pretty creative about how we indulge in pleasure (whether it’s pleasure had by ourselves or with a partner) and this includes taking advantage of the setting; sure you could enjoy the same sex positions whether you’re in your bed or having sex in the great outdoors, but using the furniture and props around you is just so much more fun. Think of it as sexual parkour!

The Running Start sex position is one that may appear to just be doggy-style with the receiving partner raising one leg, but when the thrusting partner kneels against a wall, they’re able to support their partner’s weight while said receiving partner can use one leg to push and control the thrusts. Oh, and this type of control makes it a perfect sex position for anal sex!


Still seem impossible? This position actually takes less body strength than you’d think; it’s really just about using straight angles and ‘mini-movements’ to your advantage. The receiver’s elbows and forearms stay flat on the floor or bed and their upper arm moves  from a straight up and down position to slightly bent forward with the thrusts.

Likewise, thrusts can be gently controlled by shifting from one’s heels to toes and back again against the wall, or springing with the rest of the leg. Either way, the only true con to this position is potential marks on light colored wall―so start with a sensual bath and scrub your feet!

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