Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

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Your Humble Kitchen Offers More Kinky Potential Than Most People Realize — Here’s Proof

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

Your Humble Kitchen Offers More Kinky Potential Than Most People Realize — Here’s Proof

Nowadays, you can purchase a sex toy to help fulfill just about any bedroom fantasy you want. Whether it involves whips, chains, vibrations or blindfolds, it’s probably out there waiting to be purchased.

That being said, the higher quality products aren’t exactly on the cheap side. Lucky for you, there’s a solution if you’re not looking to drop a couple hundred bucks for a high-end sex toy. The answer? Take a peek in your kitchen. 

Why buy a paddle when you’ve got a perfectly good spatula in your drawer? While not every utensil is applicable when it comes to doing the dirty, there are plenty of common kitchen items that can absolutely take on the double duty. Just … make sure you’re washing everything thoroughly afterward for sanitary reasons, of course. 

Here’s how to spice up your love life with a few kitchen tools you probably already own. 

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys 

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

Plastic wrap is meant to keep things lively and fresh, so why not let it do what it does best when it comes to your next romp? 

“Plastic wrap can be used as a restraint instead of handcuffs or a scarf,” explains Dr. Jess O’Reilly, Astroglide’s resident sexologist. “It is inexpensive, stretchy and sticks to itself, making it ideal for a little afternoon delight at the kitchen table. Just be sure not to stretch it as you wrap — you want to leave some room for circulation.”

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

“Candle wax can produce a tsunami of new sensations ranging from soft and warming to jarring and tingling,” says O’Reilly. “Use a melting body candle designed specifically for the skin or purchase non-colored, unscented soy or paraffin candles from a discount store.” 

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

Baking isn’t the only thing you can use a pastry brush for. It’s also an ideal tool for applying wax, lubricants or lotions to your partner’s body (or for simply dragging it along their skin to create a tickling sensation). 

The wispy brush is also perfect for teasing, especially if your partner is blindfolded. With all their senses heightened, the back-and-forth motions with the brush will help to push ‘em over the edge.

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving for you to whip out that turkey baster. This is another tool that can also be used to spread wax around, upping the anticipation level for your partner before the sex actually begins. 

“Dripping it on can create a sexy visual and the wax will cool as it drops, so increase your distance to reduce the heat,” notes Dr. O’Reilly. 

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

Warm your favorite sweet and sticky treat up in the microwave or fondue pot before covering your partner in it. Who said mess was a bad thing? 

“Relish in the sensual application, then lick it all off,” says O’Reilly. But safety first, people — make sure the temperature doesn’t exceed 120 degrees, or your sexual escapades could send one of you to the emergency room. 

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

“Temperature play is one of the most underused sexual tools,” says O’Reilly. “Ice can be used to liven up oral sex or drastically alter the sensation of a French kiss.” 

Play with dual temperatures for added pleasure. “Awaken a patch of your lover’s most responsive nerve endings by licking a line down their spine and then breathing warm air over the path,” she adds. “Create a stark contrast by following up with an ice cube applied directly to the skin or used to trickle cold drops down their back as their skin erupts in goosebumps.”

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

A wooden spoon and spanking go hand-in-hand, but make sure you test the waters with your partner first before your first swing. 

“When paddling a partner, warm it up against your hand to test out its intensity and tease them with the sound of what’s to come,” says O’Reilly. “Use the middle, not the edge of the paddle, to apply gentle, slow strokes to the buttocks or thighs while gradually increasing the speed and intensity.” 

Many spoons have both a convex and concave side, so alternate between the two as you vary your rhythm and pressure. Be sure to check in, too, making sure your partner is safe and comfortable. 

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

As long as you’re extra careful, intimacy expert Miyoko Rifkin says pizza cutters can double as an exciting method for stimulating your partner. Anyone order the sausage?

“It’s an interesting sensation – similar to a pinwheel, but without the prickly feeling on your skin,” she says. “Just a cool, metal blade rolling over your flesh. Not too sharp to cut, but just enough pressure to feel dangerous.” 

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

Leftover chopsticks from your sushi dinner or Chinese take-out? Add rubber bands and incorporate them into an evening of kinky fun. 

“Pinch the nipples, labia, the skin of the scrotum, or anywhere you can grab some flesh,” notes Rifkin. “And then apply rubber bands to tighten around both ends.”

Kitchen Tools You Can Use as Sex Toys

Ever play around with a chip clip, pinching yourself finger or other parts of your skin? Well, picture that, but with a lot less clothes on. Keep your chips and sex life fresh at the same time, using them as clamps in the bedroom if you or your partner is itching for a little amateur BDSM play. 

To keep things on the safer side, opt for the plastic version rather than metal. And, as always, make sure you and your partner on the same page about limitations and safe words when engaging in something that could inflict a level of pain (that should ultimately lead to pleasure).

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