If You Do These 5 Silly Things, Expect To Stay Single, Ladies

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Photo: MS_studio / Shutterstock If You Do These 5 Silly Things, Expect To Stay Single, Ladies

Now ladies, before we do some playful poking — all in the name of tough love, of course — we want to first express how highly we think of you. Or rather, us.

We, women, really are the superior sex in many ways. We’re more articulate, sensitive, and civilized and make maturity look easy. (Most of the time). Now if we could just fine-tune the below, we’d be pretty close to perfect.

If you do these 5 silly things, expect to stay single:

1. Hating your body

It’s time to hang up the body obsession, girls. Go through the metaphorical closet of insecurities and box them up. Summer’s here and it’s a waste of time to pack on all those extra layers.

It may not seem like it from afar, but these, *normal* female insecurities get in the way of everything from the dates you attract (and accept) to how much you enjoy sex.

2. Being jealous for absolutely no reason

How many times have you caught your guy’s eye lingering longer than a beat or two at some taut, toned thing in his line of vision? Yeah, don’t answer that. (We won’t either.)

Sure it’s tacky and thoughtless, and while you can’t change his biology, you *do* have a shot at changing how you view it. (And guess which you’ll have more luck with?) Beating yourself up over every anonymous woman that causes a double-take is like cursing the rising sun: Pointless and gets in the way of your sleep.

3. Asking him questions you don’t want to know the answers to

Ever notice how men don’t pry about hot exes, how many sexual partners you’ve had, or whether they’re the biggest and best? Yeah. Follow their lead. You’d be better off debating over what to watch on T.V. or what Chinese place to order from.

4. Overanalyzing everything

Men are simple and in response, it would behoove us to view them as such.

Our superior analytical skills would be better served by pondering the more philosophical questions of life. How do we know anything really *exists*?

Or if a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there does it make a sound? See, those are the questions worth working over and over in your head. NOT, “What did he mean by ‘I’ll call you.'” That’s really rather boring, isn’t it?

5. Second-guessing yourself

It’s time to stop all of that. Our feminine gut instincts are there for a reason, and it just breaks our hearts when they just lay there dormant. Listen to your bodies and listen to the little voices in your heads (the wise ones, not the insecure ones). If something makes you feel jumpy, nervous, and uneasy — run! And don’t second guess once you do.

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