Here’s Everything You Should Know About Hotel Sex

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There’s No Sex Quite Like Hotel Sex — Here’s How to Get the Best Experience

Here's Everything You Should Know About Hotel Sex

There’s No Sex Quite Like Hotel Sex — Here’s How to Get the Best Experience

Thinking of booking a hotel room for a romantic overnight romp?

Having sex in a hotel is an easy way to inject some novelty and excitement into your typical bedroom routine.

But before you press reserve on a room, there are a few key features to look out for. Not to mention things you’ll want to pack to ensure you have everything you need for a steamy night.

Luckily, our experts are here to guide you on all things hotel sex. Here’s your ultimate guide to getting it in while getting away.

The Benefits of Hotel Sex

It’s no secret that vacation sex is incredibly hot. But you might wonder — if you’re not even changing cities, what’s really the point of having hotel sex?

The truth is that, even if you’re only traveling a neighborhood or two over, as with any time you have sex in a new location, hotel sex opens doors to creativity.

“Having sex in a hotel takes you out of the environment you always have sex in, such as your bedroom,” explains Dr. Lee Phillips, psychotherapist and certified sex and couples therapist. “Sex can become routine and boring, so having a hotel room with a king-size bed and a great bathroom can spice things up, and it can be very erotic and adventurous.”

While remote work has its pros, Dr. Jenni Skyler, LMFT, certified sex therapist for, says it’s not great for creating a relaxing environment to let loose. “Work mode is one of the biggest libido killers,” she says. Booking a hotel helps couples feel like they’re in vacation mode.

Escaping to a hotel also sets the scene for some fantasy role-playing.

“When we check into a hotel, we can easily begin a role-play scenario that can spur on erotic fantasies,” says Skyler. “Many couples even use hotels for actual anonymous and erotic sex that they don’t otherwise have at home.”

Potential Drawbacks of Hotel Sex

Apart from the fact that, well, it’ll cost more than a night at home, there are a few potential hiccups when it comes to hotel sex.

As with trying anything new with your partner, it’s important to ensure they’re on board and take stock of the potential downsides.

For example, while lots of people might get a slight exhibitionistic thrill out of it, if you or your partner have anxiety about others hearing you during sex, Philips says hotel sex might not be the right move for you.

“Sex is also about feeling present and connected to your partner, and if you cannot do it in a different environment, you will not enjoy it,” says Philips.

Though there are plenty of higher-end hotels with rigorous cleaning methods, the idea of having sex in a bed or environment where others have also fornicated can also be off-putting, so for the best hotel sex experience, make sure you’re both on board before booking.

Tips For Mind-Blowing Hotel Sex

1. Do Your Research

Nothing will kill the mood faster than checking into a hotel that isn’t exactly clean, has a certain smell, or is overridden with loud kids running through the halls.

“Make sure you research the hotel, particularly the reviews and the rooms,” says Philips.

That includes making sure you’ve got the right amenities. After all, if you’re planning to treat yourself, things you can’t access at home will make it all the sweeter.

Skyler recommends opting for king bed options and extra large bathtubs to really take advantage of the night.

Unfortunately for the BDSM-curious set, though, most hotel beds feature headboards that don’t accommodate handcuffs.

2. Engage in Some Role-Playing

Checking into a hotel sets the scene for you and your partner to be whoever you want to be, so why not add a little role-play to your hotel sex?

“Example of a scenario: Your partner picks you up at the hotel bar,” says Philips. “However, they’re a stranger, and you are meeting them for the first time. You have a cocktail with them, and they invite you to their room, and the rest is history.”

3. Pack Fun Essentials

If you’re making a night of it, you might as well go for an extra-special one, so don’t be shy about bringing your accessories. 

“Bring your own box of sex goodies — your toys, lube, music, candles, and clean-up,” Skyler suggests. 

Whether you use them all or not, having them on hand will give you the option. Plus, if you want to try a new sex toy, a night away can be the perfect time to break it in.

4. Remember to Have Fun

Though it can be hard, especially if you’ve spent a pretty penny on the accommodations, a night away from home should be an opportunity to let loose and unwind. 

Do your best to focus on something other than what might be happening at home, and enjoy the present.

5. Make a Mess — Then Tip

One of the purest joys of hotel sex? Getting to go wild without caring about the clean-up. Whether that means squirting on the sheets or simply leaving them in disarray, though, make sure to bring some cash to leave the hotel cleaners a nice tip.

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