Everything You Need to Know About Creampies

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How to Safely Enjoy the Most Intimate End to Sex

Everything You Need to Know About Creampies

How to Safely Enjoy the Most Intimate End to Sex

For a long time, the classic finishing move in porn movies was what’s known as the ‘money shot’ — the guy climaxing on his scene partner‘s face.

But in recent years, the porn industry has shifted significantly towards a preference for internal ejaculation — or, as it’s known, a creampie.

While the creampie may not provide the immediate visual impact of seeing someone ejaculate their semen on someone else’s face, its popularity, evidently, speaks to the erotic thrill of a sex act that feels incredibly intimate, thanks in no small part to the fact that, when it’s done with someone who has a uterus, it could (theoretically, at least) lead to a pregnancy.

While in the 20th century, adult film producers felt that their output needed to have a very visible climax to convince the audience that they were getting the real thing rather than being subjected to cheap tricks, today’s porn production relies, non-trivially on viewership data, and with their clicks, the people have spoken — they love watching someone get creampied.

But while porn actors are likely to have easy access to birth control and, if they live in California — a hub for the American adult film industry — have access to legal abortions, too, not everyone does. In order to get a better understanding of the risks and rewards of creampies in real life, AskMen spoke to a handful of sex and sexual health experts. Here’s what they had to say:

What Is a Creampie?

Depending on who you ask, a creampie can be a few different things. It’s traditionally defined as ejaculation into a vagina during the course of penis-in-vagina penetrative sex — the term coming from a literal pie filled with whipped cream, which is also filled with a semi-liquid white substance thatmight drip or ooze out when cut into. 

However, for some people, ejaculating into an anus during penetrative anal sex could also count as a creampie, and ejaculating into someone’s mouth or down someone’s throat during a blowjob is sometimes called a “throatpie.” 

Porn scenes that feature a creampie typically have a shot of the semen dripping out of the vagina in order to show the viewer that a real ejaculation occurred, even if the shot is faked in one way or another.  

Why Do Guys Like Creampies?

For Alice Vaughn, co-host of the Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast podcast, it’s no secret why creampie sex is highly sought after by some guys. 

“Safe sex is great, but having a condom on does reduce physical stimulation,” admits Vaughn As well, she notes that if you’re pulling out of your partner, “you have to actively prevent yourself [from cumming] when it feels best in order to do this.”

Outside of the heightened physical sensation of unprotected sex mixed with the freedom to keep on thrusting during the moment of climax, there are also a number of psychological reasons guys might be into creampies.

“Not every guy will like creampies, but for those who do, the reasons they like it can vary,” says sex educator Kenneth Play. 

For some, it might be a case of having sex in a way that feels more ‘natural’ — as Play puts it, “the instinctual, primal feeling of satisfaction of having natural sex” — without protection and seemingly without worrying about pregnancy, even if their partner is on hormonal birth control or uses an IUD. 

For some guys, that absence of condoms might be a big turn-on, too, as there’s an added feeling of freedom from worrying about the potential impact of your ejaculating in your partner. 

“Because of modern birth control and technology, we have a more responsible way of planning for pregnancy, and it’s more common for men to wear condoms, pull out, etc. during sex,” notes Play. “Creampies have become a more rare experience, which could increase the contextual eroticism.” 

Some guys might be into creampies not just because they’re rare, but specifically because that rarity carries with it a certain shocking or exciting aspect. Play calls this “the taboo of having risky sex, for some people, whether from STI or pregnancy risk.”

In short, there are tons of different ways creampies can feel sexy or exciting. “At the end of the day,” Play says, “it will dramatically depend on the guy, and the couple.”

 As well, he says that guys aren’t the only ones who find creampies to be an erotic concept. 

“Some women also find creampies immensely hot, and this may be a turn on for their partners,” adds Play. They might find it arousing to have their partner ejaculate inside them, or simply might like to fantasize about it without it actually occurring. 

Creampies in Post-Roe America

Update added August 9, 2022

Unfortunately for people who find creampies erotic, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022 makes the act of ejaculating inside someone capable of getting pregnant a lot dicier.

“All sex acts that could result in pregnancy are riskier in a post-Roe reality, especially for those who live in anti-choice states,” says activist and sex educator Nora Langknecht, a former abortion doula and current marketing manager for sex toy brand FUN FACTORY. 

In a country where abortions are increasingly difficult to access and in many states now illegal, having unprotected sex with someone who could get pregnant means a much, much higher chance that a few seconds of sexual pleasure could lead to drastic, life-altering consequences. 

While creampieing someone without their consent is never, ever OK, if you live in one of the states that’s banned abortions in the wake of Roe being overturned, you should avoid doing so even if you do have their consent, especially if you’re not sure whether the other person is on birth control. 

Finally, if you’re in a committed relationship and really want to explore creampie sex, don’t settle for basic hormonal birth control like the pill, Langknecht advises. 

“Folks who are trying to avoid pregnancy, but who want to try creampies, should consider using a high-efficacy form of birth control, like an IUD,” she says.

A Look at Creampies and Their Role in Porn

Between all the myriad ways creampies can be erotic or exciting, whether giving or receiving, it’s no shock that they have a big role in porn. 

“It’s unsurprising to me that the concept of creampies is popular,” says Vaughn. “Looking at Pornhub’s annual report within the last five years, specifically the search for ‘creampies’ globally has held fairly consistent as ranking between 16th and 20th worldwide.”

When it comes to sexual desire, it can be hard to delineate whether the erotic material we seek out and consume informs our sexual desires or vice versa. However, whether watching creampie porn is fueled by being into creampies to begin with or the other way around, Vaughn thinks there’s a good chance guys who watch creampie porn have at least considered the idea of engaging in the practice in real life. 

But it’s worth noting that as common as creampies can be in porn, they’re not always 100 percent real. 

Since porn is a visual medium, and creampies necessarily mean the moment of ejaculation will occur out of sight of the cameras, there’s pressure to ensure a visual payoff of some sort. Sometimes, that means faking the post-creampie shot.  

“A creampie scene can be faked with moisturizer, assuming the actress isn’t on birth control,” notes Vaughn, though she suggests this isn’t a particularly common practice. “Sometimes, they’ll add extra fake cum to make the load look bigger. Regardless, talent almost always knows ahead of time if the scene will require it, because much like any act in porn, they want to make sure the talent is comfortable and can do that scene if required.”

How to Discuss Creampies With Your Partner

If you’re a guy who finds creampies arousing in the porn you watch or the erotica you read, you might want to experience them in your own sex life. 

However, it’s important to note that without full and enthusiastic consent from your partner, ejaculating inside them constitutes a violating act akin to rape, in particular because the consequences stemming from ejaculating in someone can be quite severe. 

Kayla Lords, sexpert for JackAndJillAdult.com, points out that someone’s hesitation around being creampied could stem from many different reasons, all of them valid. 

“Some partners don’t want to be creampied because they don’t enjoy the feeling of ejaculate in or on their body,” says Lords. “They may have concerns about pregnancy or STI transmission. Some people just don’t like it — and they don’t have to give a reason why.”

Even if you’re creampie obsessed, if you’re the penetrating partner, you need to remember that it’s not your decision to make. You would want to have the final say on anything that might affect your body in a similar way, so it’s important to extend that respect to your partner, too.  

That being said, It is possible to have the discussion in a respectful way, and it’s possible your partner will be into the idea as well. 

“Be open and honest with your partner if you want to ejaculate inside of them,” says Lords. “It’s often easier to have this conversation once you’ve established trust and rapport with them.”

Play notes that it’s especially important to bring it up during a conversation about your sex life, rather than during the act of sex itself.  

“If you want to ejaculate inside your partner, you need to talk about it way ahead of having sex,” he cautions. “You cannot negotiate creampies during sex or right before you’re about to cum! Because of the risky nature of this activity especially, you absolutely need to make sure you and your partner are on the same page. As high-risk fantasy and behavior, it needs to be treated with a higher level of care.”

If your partner says yes (or is open to the idea), be open and honest about why you find creampies so exciting to help your partner understand what the draw is for you. 

“After you’ve gotten some explicit, enthusiastic consent before your sexual encounter, you can start talking about what makes it hot for you both,” says Play. “Figure out what gets you both hot for internal ejaculation. Maybe she loves the taboo of pregnancy risk or you both want to play with some consensual ‘forced’ impregnation? Maybe you both love how natural and primal the urge feels and want to culminate it? Think of this as pre-gaming dirty talk, and negotiate the details of your creampie as part of your foreplay.”

And if your partner isn’t up for you ejaculating inside them? Don’t push it.

“Listen to their concerns and be willing to answer their questions,” says Lords. “Ultimately it’s their decision, so if they say no, you’ll need to respect that.”

What to Do If Your Partner Doesn’t Want to Be Creampied

With the risks associated with being creampied, there’s a chance they’re totally off the table in your relationship. If so, you’ll need to accept that and respect their decision — as Lords points out, even if it’s not an STI or pregnancy concerns — but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to accommodate your desire. 

If you’re really serious about wanting to ejaculate inside your partner, it’s possible that they’ll warm to the idea over time. People’s appetites and comfort level with various sex acts can definitely evolve over the course of their life. 

“If this is a long-term relationship, they may change their mind,” notes Lords. “The worst thing you could do is pressure your partner — that violates consent. But if they’re willing to discuss it from time to time (think over months or years), they may one day feel differently about it.”

If your partner’s definitely not interested, for the short term, you could explore other ways to get the thrill, whether physical or psychological, that you associate with ejaculating in someone else. 

“Consider how else you can experience a creampie without your partner,” says Lords. “Maybe a sex toy can be a stand-in so you get the visual pleasure of seeing your ejaculate seep out of the masturbator. It’s not the same, but it might be a good alternative.”

Other possibilities could include ejaculating into a condom (or female condom) while penetrating your partner, working creampie conversations into your dirty talk or sexting without actually engaging in the act. At the end of the day, the vision of creampies in porn might be deeply erotic, but as with porn in general, it’s a fantasy being played out by professional actors. 

From the cum not always being real cum to the ejaculation potentially being faked entirely, recreating that fantasy might not be as simple as it looks. 

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