Car Sex Tips & Position Ideas

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Car Sex Tips & Position Ideas

Perhaps it’s something you haven’t tried since high school, but car sex positions can add a sexy element to partner play that can still get your motor running, ifyouknowwhatwemean.

Car Sex Tips & Position Ideas

No matter what make or model you’re driving, as long as it’s got 4 wheels (5, including the steering wheel), you can try out any of our suggested car sex positions, provided you take the following precautions before taking any of them for a spin:

Just like some sneaky outdoor sex, do it after dark for added privacy and cooler temperatures.
Bring a towel for post-play clean up and to protect your bottom from possibly sticking to the seats if they’re leather.
Make sure the car is in park and the keys are out of the ignition (obviously.)

Forward-Facing Reverse-Cowgirl

Push the driver’s seat back and recline it as far as it will go so he’s lying down, then sit in his lap facing out the front of the car; keep your hands on the steering wheel to help you grind. Passing drivers will only see your head and shoulders, leaving them none the wiser!

Roof Romance

Lying on your back on the car’s roof with your butt near the edge and your thighs on his shoulders puts you in the perfect position to be receiving oral. The aforementioned towel you brought along comes in handy if the metal is too hot – lay it out and lay on top of it.


The confined spaces and medium heights vehicles provide open up a lot of possibilities for doggie-style sex; you on your hands and knees in the back seat while he stands outside the door or on the passenger seat pushed all the way back. Even with your hands simply on the hood, vehicles are made for this kind of thing!

Sun Roof? More Like ‘Fun’ Roof!

There are two great ways you can make use of the sun roof if you’ve got one; have him sit in the passenger seat as you stand out of the sun roof with your feet on either side of his hips. You can then wrap your thighs around his face like you’re sitting on his shoulders – but in reverse. In this way he can treat you to oral sex while you’re looking out the top of the car like it’s prom night.

In the second scenario, you’re sitting on the edge of the sun roof while he stands with one foot on the passenger seat and one in the driver’s seat. You can lie on your back as he enters you or sit up so you can be face to face; this is done the same way as if you’re having sex on a kitchen counter or dining room table, but your shared rhythm will get the whole car rockin’ like a waterbed with these car sex positions!

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