7 Tiny Secrets Of The World’s Most Desirable Women

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Photo: tabitha turner | Unsplash,  merc67 | Canva 7 Tiny Secrets Of The World's Most Desirable Women

There are secrets of desire hidden in the everyday aspects of your personality. A bit of mystery to raise intrigue with a knowing smile is often enough to inspire their desire.

Here are 7 tiny secrets of the world’s most desirable women, according to YourTango experts:

1. They rouse curiosity.

Some individuals intrigue us by keeping certain aspects of their lives secret, inspiring our curiosity further. Take celebrities such as Megan Fox and Julia Roberts, each hailed as ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’ respectively, despite never having posed unclothed. Perhaps, one secret of desirability is modesty.



— Ann Papayoti, Relationship Coach

2. They wear confidence well.

The most desirable women wear confidence as their favorite outfit. They are comfortable in their skin, whether they rock high heels or sneakers, making them glow with an inner beauty that’s hard to ignore.

— Erika Jordan, Love Coach, NLP Practitioner

3. Independence is their middle name.

They have their interests, careers, and loves. This independence makes them not just partners but equals, adding depth to any relationship.

— Erika Jordan

4. Empathy is their superpower.

They understand and share the feelings of others, making those around them feel seen and valued. Empathy is their superpower, creating connections that are both deep and long-lasting.

— Erika Jordan



5. They communicate openly.

I love communicating with people through cooking, talking, smiling, laughing, and sharing a bowl of matcha. Let’s cook, talk together, and have a bowl of tea, then listen to our hearts without any judgment. Cooking is loving yourself and loving your loved one.

— Michiko Tomioka, MBA, RD, Dietitian

6. They project a bit of mystery.

It’s that old Mona Lisa smile as if you are pleased but also have a secret. It projects a little mystery and inner depth and conveys a sense of humor and well-being, a combination people find alluring in women.

7 Tiny Secrets Of The World's Most Desirable Women

Photo: Cast Of Thousands via Shutterstock

— Dr. Gloria Brame, Ph.D., Therapist

7. They’re insatiably interested.

It’s fun talking with others, but the moment the conversation dies because no one has anything else to say, you start getting bored of that person. Don’t be that person — the one anxiously looking away while racking your brain for a good topic.

If you want to save yourself from that situation, you have to make people curious about you, and the only way is if you’re curious yourself. Learn how things work. Ask yourself why people behave the way they do. Read about what’s happening in the world right now.

Because when you have a dozen more things to say, people automatically think you’re a smart and fascinating companion.

— Tiffany Sun, Author and Life Coach

A little mystery behind a knowing smile keeps them curious as you hand over a favorite snack to tempt their taste buds. Independently confident as your personality fills the room with an authentic concern for others. You are the most desirable one. The one who reflects all of our best back to us.

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Will Curtis is a writer and editor for YourTango. He’s been featured on the Good Men Project and taught English abroad for ten years.

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