6 Astonishing Facts About Masturbation

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It’s a topic that doesn’t get a ton of lip service, but maybe that’s about to change. Don’t believe us? Get this: Most women report masturbating at least once a week, according to a new study in the Journal of Sex Research. Well, now that we have your attention…

Researchers from Arizona State University analyzed interviews with 20 women who were recruited through local listings and Craigslist. While the sample size was small, it included a variety of ages, races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. One thing to keep in mind: All of these women agreed to participate in a study on sexuality, so the results may be a little skewed toward more free-spirited women. Still, we’re willing to bet you’ll find the results pretty interesting. Check out the surprising findings:

6 Astonishing Facts About MasturbationAll women masturbate—at least, in this sample. All 20 of the women reported that they had masturbated at least once in their lives, though their answers ranged from just a few times ever to at least once a day.

Sex toys are in. Overall, 18 of the 20 women reported using sex toys either solo or with a partner. Ready to get in on the action? Check out these 11 crazy new sex toys.

We’re clueless about what other women do in bed. Most of the participants said they thought other women self-penetrate with sex toys or their fingers while masturbating, but interestingly many of the women said they don’t get off this way, instead focusing mainly on clitoral stimulation. We’re not saying this needs to be your next brunch topic or anything, but it’s good to know there’s no “normal” way to masturbate—so do what feels good!

Sometimes it can feel like work. Even though the women were mostly positive about solo sex, they also noted a few frustrating aspects—like when they can’t have an orgasm or when they masturbate because they didn’t finish with their partner. Check out these must-read masturbation tips, and it’ll never feel like a chore again.

Some women still think it’s a ‘man thing.’ A few of the women in the study said that men were more likely to masturbate—or at least more likely to do it on the regular. Some also noted that they masturbated more for their male partners (doing it in front of them or during sex) than for themselves. Call us crazy, but masturbation shouldn’t be something that only men get to experience. You can read all about masturbation here, and take some ownership of solo sex.

It doesn’t need to be a grand, romantic event. Many women reported that it was a no-frills, tension-busting part of their life. In fact, one woman compared her almost-daily masturbation to brushing her teeth while another woman said she likes to start her day by getting off in the shower. Hey, that’s one way to start your morning with a smile.

Masturbation makes you happy. Many of the women reported that solo sex was a way to get in tune with their bodies and show self-acceptance. They also reported a ton of awesome benefits, like feeling joy and pleasure, having fun, relieving stress, and helping them experiment to find out what feels good. Plus, you know, orgasms.


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