3 Phrases High-Value Women Use To Make Good Men Immediately More Attentive

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Photo: Marcos Castillo / Shutterstock 3 Phrases High-Value Women Use To Make Good Men Immediately More Attentive

There is a huge difference between building up the person you love and being a doormat.

Women who refuse to use certain simple phrases for fear of being subservient to their man will either end up alone (because the man left or never even committed in the first place) or miserable (because if he does stay, he’s a pushover in need of self-esteem), or he’ll ignore them.

But these simple and basic phrases are the key to solving this problem. Many quality men have complained that women they have met or dated seemed to be allergic to these words, but not women of high value.

Here are 3 phrases high-value women use to make good men more attentive.

1. ‘Thank you.’

Is it too much to ask to say thank you? Being “proud” to not thank people is rude; it’s time to get over your pride and acknowledge the fact that a man has done you a favor.



A relative of mine is always fussing about what people around her haven’t done. She complains about not getting enough attention and that no one wants to spend much time around her.

Well, an ungrateful person might as well cover themselves in horse manure. It’s repelling because people want to feel appreciated. The more you show appreciation, the more they will do for you. And it’s as simple as telling your man “thank you” when he does something for you, no matter how big or small that action is.

2. ‘I appreciate you.’

These are three of the sweetest words your man will ever hear flow from your lips. Men are driven by accomplishment, and when you let them know they are not taken for granted, they love it.

Can you recall the times an ex took you for granted? Didn’t feel good, right? Well, when you don’t say, “I appreciate you” to your man often, he stops feeling that love. He begins to feel taken for granted and undervalued.



Don’t let him build resentment for you. Because when you don’t verbalize how you appreciate him, he won’t want to do things in return for you.

3. ‘You’re amazing.’

Is he the smartest man you’ve met? Does he cook pasta better than your grandma? Let him know for goodness sake! It’s our duty (yes, I said it) to build up our partners. If we don’t do it, someone else will.

Men respond to praise. Heck, all humans respond to praise. So when you tell him that he’s amazing — whether it’s because of his cooking skills, a small favor he did for you, or just his general positive attitude — he will feel it deep in his soul.



Building your man up is not the same as being subservient, and it isn’t a one-way street.

He should be letting you know what’s great about you, too. If you’re not being thanked or told how amazing you are and you’re feeling unappreciated, you’ve got some thinking to do about your relationship.

Either he’s a shy guy or not accustomed to it, so have a loving conversation with him. Still, never stay where you are not appreciated and celebrated!

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