15 Relationship Things Guys Don’t Care About

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15 Relationship Things Guys Don't Care About

1. Where we go for dinner. Only three things in life are certain: death; taxes; and unless we specifically suggested a restaurant, us not caring where we go to eat because we’re going to order a steak or burger anyway. Just say something, anything. We’re starving.

2. If you say “I love you” first. The worst that can happen is we squirm around awkwardly or pretend we didn’t hear you. More likely, we’ll say it back. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

3. If you gain a little weight. You will honestly notice way before us. Unless you point it out, we’re not even thinking about it.

4. If you want to be best friends with our parents. We don’t want to be best friends with our parents, so why should you?

5. How often we go out on dates. We’re pretty content to hang out and watch a movie. Dates are nice, but we’re not losing our mind because we haven’t been to Red Lobster in a month.

6. If you’re wearing makeup. We don’t care if we come over and you’re in sweatpants and not wearing makeup, or your nose is all red and runny because you’re sick. Nothing is wrong with wanting to look good; just never apologize to a guy for just rolling out of bed and throwing some clothes on.

7. The impression you left on our friends. We’re more worried about the impression our friends are going to leave on you.

8. “Dragging you along” to places. If he asked you to come, he wants you there. Don’t feel like you’re intruding on a “guys only” night, or awkwardly hanging onto his arm at the wedding you’re attending. You’re there because he wants you there, not because he felt obligated.

9. Seeing a chick flick. We don’t love these movies, but there’s worse ways to spend two hours in a dark room. There’s better ways, definitely, but also worse ways.

10. If you need to tell us you’re on you’re period. We’re not going to freak out and pass out just because you casually mentioned you’re on your period. We don’t need details or anything, but don’t feel weird about mentioning it.

11. If your room is really that clean. As long as you’re not a hoarder, no one is going to mind some clothes on the floor. Don’t be embarrassed by clutter.

12. If you text us a whole bunch throughout the day. We love talking to you, but we can also go eight hours without speaking, like an emotional camel.

13. If you think some of our hobbies are stupid. “I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF MY K/D RATIO ON CALL OF DUTY.” It’s supposed to be stupid. It’s a hobby. Stupidity is what makes hobbies not jobs.

14. If we love all the same things. No one has ever divorced over a difference of opinion on 1989.

15. If your friends like us. As long as they don’t loathe us, we’re OK with them thinking we’re not perfect.

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