15 Fun And Romantic 4th Of July Date Ideas

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Photo: MilanMarkovic78 / Shutterstock 15 Fun And Romantic 4th Of July Date Ideas

So you have a hot date for July 4th, but need help coming up with some 4th of July date ideas that don’t just include fireworks?

The worst thing to do is ask your friends. You will be invited to numerous barbecues and house parties where they will systematically analyze your date head to toe.

Then there is always watching fireworks together, which is cute — but you can do better than that!

Instead, think of intimate and romantic ways in which you can remember this July 4th date night as the start of a great relationship.

Need some inspiration?

Here are 15 fun and romantic 4th of July date ideas to get you started.

1. Order a gourmet burger meal.

(Yes, you may substitute veggie and turkey, if you so desire.) After all, what’s more American than a burger? Trust me, even a burger meal can be romantic with a few candles and some flowers. Then cuddle up on the sofa to watch “The Patriot.”

2. Have a barbecue for two.

What’s more romantic than preparing a potentially dangerous meal for just you and your date? Where there is fire, there is danger. Danger brings people closer together and voila! Instant chemistry over charcoals.

For those of you who live in a city, you may substitute a fire escape for the great outdoors.

3. Join a parade.

Yes, I realize it may be a bit tawdry. However, you don’t need to officially hop on a float or devote hours to marching in a band. Just follow it for a little with your American flag in hand to laugh at the drummer’s hat or elaborate reenactment costumes.

Remember, a couple that laughs together stays together (as cheesy as it may sound).

4. Visit a museum of American art.

Yes, this country produced numerous works of art from classic to contemporary to abstract. Pick a theme and venue and enjoy an afternoon together. Museums are not very crowded on July 4th, allowing you more room for privacy (yes, you may try to sneak in a kiss or two when the gallery usher is looking the other way).

Follow the museum with a dinner in a romantic American cuisine restaurant where you can discuss the art and relive the romance.

5. Picnic on a roof.

Yes, a roof — preferably a roof with the view of the fireworks. Get some beach chairs or a blanket, a bottle of wine and some hot dogs — again, remember, we are celebrating the birth of our country, so escargot may not be a good idea.

No fireworks? No problem. There is always the summer sky to be admired. And what could be more romantic than gazing at the stars while holding hands?



6. Watch the fireworks alone.

Do some research and find the perfect spot that’s a bit away from everything where you can see the fireworks from a distance. Climb on top of your car and hang out under the stars while the glitter goes off in the background.

7. Plan a picnic in a park.

Picnics are super romantic. So, plan to go to a National Park and lay down a blanket to get cozy. Pop some champagne and sip your lunch away in the beauty of the greenery with your loved one.

If you pick a park close enough to a farm you may be able to go berry picking as well. Get some strawberries and blueberries and pair alongside cheese for a red, white, and blue charcuterie tray!

8. Go away for the weekend.

If you have a good chunk of change to spend for the holiday, plan a getaway. Travel to a place you haven’t been or a place you both enjoy spending time at. Hunker down in a hotel for the 4th. Go to a fancy restaurant and then later have some wine and chocolates in your room.

9. Bake a cake together.

If going out isn’t your speed, have a laid-back 4th at home. Do something together in the house, like bake a cake. Get the ingredients to follow a recipe and see if you are a couple worth entering a baking contest one day.

You may mess up and have some laughs, or you may become a super awesome baking couple!

10. Go to an outdoor concert.

Outdoor concerts are a great way to celebrate the country’s birthday. Nothing beats a good time with music, fresh air, and the love of your life.

Concerts go on all the time, so you can easily do a random Google search and find some tickets.

11. Head to the beach.

This is a good option if the beach is something you enjoy. Crack out your red white and blue bathing suit and hit the boardwalk.

Of course, it’s important to know a beach is a popular option for celebrating the 4th so expect crowds wherever you go to get wet.

12. Host a bonfire.

Bonfires are awesome to have a night. It’s a great way to light up your dark night, especially if fireworks are out of the question for you. Put music on and roast some s’mores.

13. Go for a hot air balloon ride.

Yeah, this one is kind of out there, but why not? How awesome would it be to see fireworks from in the air?

14. Buy all the sparklers.

Okay, this one is obvious, but sparklers are so much fun for the Fourth of July holiday! Buy as many as you can so you don’t run out too fast.

Take videos of each other or get a professional photographer and create some amazing couple photos to keep forever.

15. Dress up.

It’s a holiday, so this gives you both a reason to get all dressed up to go out for a night on the town. Make a dinner reservation, go to the movies. or just take a walk around outdoors. Heck, even just going for a drive together would be great.

It feels good to get dressed up to go out, even if you aren’t really doing anything but being with each other.

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