10 Things Every Woman Deserves In A Man — No Matter What

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Photo: Valerie Elash On Unsplash 10 Things Every Woman Deserves In A Man — No Matter What

In life, we settle for so many average things because they’re convenient and, well… easy. But one thing that should never be mediocre or average is love and relationships.

Love should be amazing, mind-blowing, life-changing, and really, truly wonderful. Love is supposed to make all of the common things feel much more exciting. And those things are what a woman deserves from a man they are going to have a lasting relationship with.

Here are 10 things a woman deserves from a man she loves

1. You deserve someone who’s going to impact your life

When it comes to love, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the absolute best. You deserve someone who’s going to make an imprint in your life; someone who’s going to show you that they care about you; someone who will make you a better person.

There’s a difference between telling someone you adore them, and showing them. Be with the person who will do anything to show you that he cares, especially through his actions. After all, research has shown that people who have more affection in their lives release more oxytocin, the feel-good “love” hormone, meaning they don’t get as stressed out.

10 Things Every Woman Deserves In A Man — No Matter WhatPhoto: Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

2. You deserve someone who misses you when he’s not with you

You should be with a man who finds himself thinking about you when he’s not with you, and counting down the hours until he can see you again. He should be texting and calling just to say he can’t wait to be together once more.

Be with the man who always makes an effort to see you. You deserve someone who makes you a priority, even if he’s miles away.

3. You deserve to be with a man who treats you right

You deserve someone who treats you like a queen, because he knows that’s what you are. To him, there is no one more important in this world, nobody who is more deserving of his love and affection.

You matter to him and he reminds you of that on a daily basis, whether it’s giving you flowers just because or kissing you every morning. Be with the man who treats you well, because he should jump through hoops for you.



4. You deserve someone who challenges you

You deserve someone who will confront you when he doesn’t agree with you. He gives you his honest opinion and challenges you right to the core. As such, he also respects your point of view, but still has no problem questioning you.

Be with someone whom you find incredibly interesting and enjoy being curious about. Multiple studies have determined that people who are curious tend to have better relationships, so consider it a good trait to have in your own partnership.

5. You deserve desire

You deserve passion — the “I can’t stop thinking about you and have to have you right now” kind of passion. You should be with someone who makes you always feel wanted, like they can’t get enough of you!

What a woman deserves from a man goes beyond emotional desire. You should be with someone who kisses you every morning and looks at you with love and warmth in his eyes. Be with someone who enjoys making you happy and always makes sure you’re physically satisfied.



6. You deserve someone who incorporates you into his life

He’s eager to introduce you to his family, friends, and co-workers. He values the opinion of the most important people in his life and he wants you to meet all of them. In fact, he wants to show you off so everyone can see how wonderful you are and how well you complement him.

You deserve someone who tries to see you every chance he can, as you are such a large part of his life. Be with someone who always makes time for you, and wants everyone else to know how important you are to him.

7. You deserve someone who is caring

You deserve a man who remembers special occasions and noteworthy moments. You deserve someone who brings you flowers and chocolate just because, gives you a massage when you’re tense, or cooks you breakfast when you’ve been feeling down.

Companionship is long established to affect your mental and physical health, but when you’re with someone who is truly kind, you not only feel good in that moment, but you will be more kind to yourself, leading to a healthier relationship in the process.

10 Things Every Woman Deserves In A Man — No Matter WhatPhoto: Dziana Hasanbekava / Pexels

So, be with someone who is kind, because that’s what makes a man marriage material.

8. You deserve a planner

You deserve someone who loves to plan because he knows it brings joy to your life. He makes reservations at restaurants and takes you on pre-planned adventures that surprise you at every turn.

You should be with someone who reminds you that you’re special in any way he can, and makes every effort to keep you happy. Be with someone who plans far in advance, who takes your joy into account, and who wants to explore the world with you at his side.

9. You deserve a romantic

You deserve a man who knows that chivalry isn’t dead. And it shouldn’t be, as chivalrous acts are associated with greater life satisfaction for both women and men. Don’t you think you’re entitled to that type of romance?

He opens doors for you, pulls out your chair, and courts you. He holds your hand and walks next to you, showing how proud he is to be with you. He knows how to woo you all while keeping you comfortable.

He knows he’s lucky to be your man, and will never stop being romantic.



10. You deserve someone who makes you better

The man you deserve brings out the best in you and loves having you in his life. He goes out of his way to put a smile on your face, makes your dreams come true, and, in the process, helps you become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

He not only wants you to become a better person altogether, but he wants to do it alongside you, growing stronger together. And you deserve a fairy tale relationship like this.

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