10 Sultry Things Every Man Wishes You’d Do In Bed

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Photo: farinasfoto/Shutterstock 10 Sultry Things Every Man Wishes You’d Do In Bed

Sex is a lot like food. Everyone has a specific way they love to have it, but for the most part, there are certain things that are almost universally liked when you have it.

If you want to kick up your bedroom game a notch, it’s really not that hard to do.

Almost any girl can improve her guy’s experience in the bedroom by learning what men like during sex and doing these ten things on the regular.

Here are 10 sultry things every man wishes you’d do in bed:

1. Give him head, at least as foreplay

True story — 99 percent of guys are fiends for blowjobs. Even if you’re not particularly good at them, they appreciate it and they love the way your mouth feels. It also shows that you’re into him, rather than just doing it because you have to.

2. Speaking of being into him, most guys really love an enthusiastic, passionate lover

No one likes to be with a person who just lays there during sex. It makes your partner feel like they’re not actually having consensual sex, or that they’re unlovable.

Sex isn’t just about orgasm, you know. They need to be emotionally fulfilled, too. If you’re not really getting into it, sex will fizzle rather than sizzle. So, yes, do something. Grab them, kiss them passionately, ride them — just show them you like them!

3. Moan

Guys really, truly adore the noises a girl makes when she’s having fun. It’s primal, it’s incredibly sexy, and it lets him know you’re enjoying yourself. It’s okay to be loud, too, as long as the neighbors don’t complain.

4. Talk dirty to him

Tell him all the things you want to have him do to you. Even if the guy you’re seeing is very vanilla, talking dirty will really turn him on because it will get his mind going places that it normally doesn’t go. If you want to ramp this one up, whisper it in his ear rather than just tell him to his face.

5. Communicate your wants and needs

Though guys will never admit this to you, most are totally clueless about how to pleasure you. A little gentle encouragement can make a huge difference in how well sex goes for you and him. After all, what men like during sex is to please you. 

6. Nibble his neck, lick his ear, and kiss him

There’s something about this combination that makes guys go crazy during sex. You can thank me for this tip later!

7. Be open to kink, and tell him so

Most guys have one or two kinks they’ve always wanted to try out with a girl but are too scared to discuss. You can be the girl who allows him to explore that side of him. Once you are the girl he experiments with, he’ll remember you as one of the best lays he’s ever had for the rest of his life.

8. Orgasm

While it’s true that you can’t really force an orgasm out most of the time, the fact is that when a guy is having sex with a girl, he does want her to have a fun time. If you never orgasm with him, it will disappoint him and bruise his ego. So, please, do have fun!

9. Take charge

Every guy out there has had a moment where he’s wanted to have a girl that would initiate sex and just have her way with him. Don’t ever be scared to do this. Most guys would kill to have a girl who does.

10. Make an effort to put him in the mood

Yes, go ahead and dress up in that lingerie. Put on some mood music and maybe switch that white bulb in your bedroom lamp for a red one. Guys love the idea of romantic sex once in a while, so why not indulge in it? 

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