Which Countries Have the Best Sex Education?

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New Data Points to the Best Countries at Teaching People About Sex

Which Countries Have the Best Sex Education?

New Data Points to the Best Countries at Teaching People About Sex

The Story

Have you ever wondered how sex education differs from place to place?

Wonder no more — sex toy brand LELO has you covered. That’s because they recently put in the work to rank the countries with the best sex ed in the world — and the top spot might surprise you.

The Snapshot

LELO’s study analyzed the sex ed situation in 50 countries, collecting data on things like STIs, teen pregnancy and abortion rates.

For those familiar with the stereotypes of European sexual openness, you might not be surprised to learn that the top 10 is absolutely dominated by Europe, with only two countries outside the continent (Japan and Cyprus) making the list.

Which Countries Have the Best Sex Education?

Perhaps more surprising is that Sweden, historically a bastion of sex education progressiveness, doesn’t crack the top 10 — though their Scandinavian neighbors Finland and Denmark do.

The Lesson

Well over 100 years after initial efforts were made to create school-based sex education programs, sex ed remains a controversial topic. Many people object to the idea of their children learning such intimate things from strangers; others disagree with the things being taught themselves for ideological reasons.

Though robust data confirms that comprehensive sex head decreases the likelihood of STI transmission and unwanted pregnancies, people teaching kids about sex — even when they are actively curious to learn about it — continues to make some people uncomfortable.

However, data like this continues to add to a growing corpus of research that suggests these people’s distaste for the concept is doing more harm than good. And unfortunately for Americans, in this ranking, they’re nowhere near the top.

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