What Your Favorite Sex Position Says About You

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what your favorite sex position says about you

Like a mother choosing favorites among her children, no one says aloud which sex positions is her favorite. To do so would not only pigeonhole your pleasure but also find you and your partner at an impasse when it comes to which position to use next.

Most importantly however, claiming a favorite sexual position can give too much away about your personality – because your preferred way of getting it on says more about you than you might think!

what your favorite sex position says about you

For instance, if you like doggy-style sex the best, it means that you’re not afraid of your animalistic nature. It also indicates that you’re a fan of deep penetration, in which case you might own a long, strong and always ready to get it on vibrator like ELISE™ 2.

If you love being on top during cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, it means that you’re an extrovert who likes being in control – treat yourself to a small and easy to handle external vibrator like ALIA™ for some extra sensations. If you prefer to be on the bottom during any variation of cowgirl however, it usually means that you’re a guy.

Those who prefer the 69 position love to share, place a high value on equality and were probably the middle child in their family. At Christmas, they will purchase expense gifts for their family and friends, but will no doubt be annoyed if they receive a gift of lesser value in return.

For the absolute sense of justice that the 69-lover demands, we suggest the mutual pleasures offered by a vibrating couples’ ring, like TOR™ 2.

If being bent over a bedroom dresser, kitchen counter or subway turnstile is more your style, you’re most likely a ‘need it NOW’ kind of person with a lack of patience and a love for instant gratification. Get what you want and get it now with a vibe like MIA™ 2, which features USB charging to make it ready to please whenever you are.

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