[Video] Sinclair Intimacy Institute Sex Guide: Creative Positions for Lovers – Beyond the Bedroom

[Video] Sinclair Intimacy Institute Sex Guide: Creative Positions for Lovers – Beyond the Bedroom

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Creative Sex Positions For Lovers is the third video in our exciting video series Advanced Sexual Pleasures. This video will show you how adjusting an angle or position can greatly increase sexual pleasure. It contains new and creative positions for you try and variations on positions you might already be familiar with.

[Video] Sinclair Intimacy Institute Sex Guide: Creative Positions for Lovers - Beyond the Bedroom

Creative Positions For Lovers: Beyond the Bedroom DVD

Creative Positions for Lovers – Beyond the Bedroom will teach you on how to spice up your sex life using creative sexual positions and doing it in locations outside of the bedroom. The video also contains sex expert advice on how to keep your relationship fresh.

Treat yourself and the one you love to a new position or a variation on one you particularly enjoy. Learn how adjusting an angle here or the pressure there can make the difference between “OK” and breathtaking intercourse or oral sex. You’ll see new positions for oral sex, creative uses for your own space, even erotic uses for a bungee swing. You needn’t be an athlete to enjoy the new techniques you’ll learn, just committed to your mutual pleasure. Explicit sexual content.

Sinclair Intimacy Institute is the world leader in relationship-oriented videos for adults with a library of over 50 titles. Working with internationally recognized sexuality educators and marriage therapists, Sinclair Institute’s video products teach couples how to communicate better about sex and to build healthier, intimate relationships. Their videos are high quality, non-clinical and entertaining presentations designed to provide accurate information in an appealing and empowering format. The Better Sex Video Series (As Seen on TV) has sold over 4 million copies worldwide

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

– Different ways of having oral sex

– Taking sex outside of the bedroom

– The Half-Moon and Wheelbarrow positions

– Having oral and standing sex in the shower

– Experiencing sex toys to create new sensations

– How to add variety to the “woman on top” position

– The best position to boost a woman’s G-spot thrills

– Sex positions that help you control speed, depth, and penetration

– The most comfortable and enjoyable positions for pregnant women

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