Think Outside the Bedroom with Positions for Every Room!

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Think Outside the Bedroom with Positions for Every Room!

Think Outside the Bedroom with Positions for Every Room!

Our trusty, tried-and-true beds are literally where it’s at when it comes to lovemaking, and for good reason: it’s a soft surface for gettin’ it on. However if you’re not doing it in every room of your house, are you really getting the most of those monthly mortgage payments? We don’t think so, so here are some position ideas that you can try out in more places around the house.

In the Living Room, on a Couch or a Lounging Chair

You: curled up in a ball, lying on your side with your hip propped up on the arm of the chair or couch. The male partner, standing to the side of the couch or chair, enters you from behind while you’re on your side, driving down with his thrusts to apply pressure on the walls on both side of your vagina. Pair this position with a strong and rumbly clit vibe that you’ll both be able to feel to add some icing to this cake.

In the Hallway

Make standing-up sex positions actually feasible by using the tighter quarters provided by a door frame. She braces her back against one side of the frame and puts her foot on the other side to keep one leg up comfortably, allowing both partners to stand face-to-face as well as comfortably adjust for height.

The Laundry Room

When the washer gets to the spin cycle, she lays her stomach diagonally across the top of the washing machine, propping one leg up to let the male partner enter from behind. Having one leg up will also allow her to edge her vagina closer to the corner or edge of the machine in order to take advantage of those deeply resonant vibrations. The best part? Warm towels for post-coital clean up, fresh out of the dryer!

At a Window

Partake in some partial exhibitionism by sticking the upper half of your body out of an open (ground floor, for safety) window. As your partner enters from behind, you can rest your elbows on the windowsill. As far as the neighbors can tell, you’re just examining the neighborhood!

The Tub

In this scenario, the inclusion of a partner is totally optional. A detachable shower head can provide warmth and consistent sensations in lieu of a waterproof vibrator. However if you pair a detachable shower head with a small, waterproof vibrator you can wear inside your vagina? That’s a match made in slippery, soapy heaven.

In the Dining Room

Lay out a spread that will really get your partner’s mouth watering! You: lying down on top of the dining room table. Your partner: sitting at the table with your feet on their shoulders. Get the picture? Time to dig in! As a food-and-vibe pairing, incorporate a small handheld clit vibrator to up the sensations and allow your partner to focus on other areas.

The Backyard

This last one could be considered a curveball for not technically being *in* the house, but if it’s on the property, it’s fair game as far as we are concerned. If you’ve got a backyard or a back deck – even an apartment balcony – with a deck lounge chair, you’re in luck. Your partner can lie back on the lounger as you straddle them in a reverse-cowgirl position out in the open air and hey presto: you’re having some naughty outdoor sex. Do this under cover of dark of course and have some consideration for neighbors, and wear an extra-long t-shirt to cover yourself for some extra protection from uninvited eyes.

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