Never Have I Ever: Seen an Escort

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Here’s What It’s Really Like to Visit a (Legal) Brothel for a Night of Fun

Never Have I Ever: Seen an Escort

Here’s What It’s Really Like to Visit a (Legal) Brothel for a Night of Fun

Have you ever played “Never Have I Ever” before? Here are the rules: Everyone puts up ten fingers, and you go around in a circle and one by one share something sexy or scandalous that you’ve never done before. When someone else shares something you have done, you have to put one finger down — and of course, drink. The first person to put all 10 fingers down loses (or wins, depending on how you look at it).

Well, AskMen is still playing Never Have I Ever, and the rules are simple: In each edition of this column, we speak to someone about doing something new in bed, whether it’s a long-time fantasy, something that just happened, or even something they regret. They tell us everything so you get an inside look at what some sexual experiences are actually like.

As a sex journalist, the benefits of seeing an escort, or any form of a sex worker, are obvious and logical.

With a professional, you can experience exactly what you want — with the treatment of a professional. You can skip trying to get into the details of your kink on a dating app. If you’re only interested in something casual, you don’t have to worry about emotional fallout or the scumminess of making promises you can’t keep.

For this edition of Never Have I Ever, we turned to the best in the business: Sheri’s Ranch is the Las Vegas area’s premier legal brothel and adult vacation resort. The Ranch, purchased by former Chicago homicide detective Chuck Lee in 2001, has been transformed into a fantasyland of suites, bungalows, and specialty rooms, offering personalized erotic adventures from the girlfriend experience to personalized private sex tapes.

And, as a former detective, Lee prioritizes maintaining a resort playground with the clients’ safety and privacy in mind, so no one has to know about your adventures unless you want to.

But we know you want to hear more.

So, to give the people what they want, we spoke with Alex Mers, a Bricklayer with Local-1 of St. Louis, and the goddess Electra Rayne herself about Alex’s first-time experience with Electra. Spoiler alert: He liked it.

AskMen: What led you to Sheri’s Ranch and Electra Rayne?

Alex: I searched online for legal brothels in Nevada, and Sheri’s seemed to me to have everything I was looking for. As for Electra, when I arrived at the ranch, I had a couple of drinks at the bar and recognized her from a couple of sites I’m subscribed to. I asked if she was available to meet. And a few minutes later, she was giving me a tour of the ranch.

AskMen: Before this experience, what were your thoughts on sex work and escorting?

Alex: My thoughts on sex work as a whole have been pretty progressive for a long time. It’s work, something that, much like any trade, requires skill and finesse and deserves equal protection under the law.

AskMen: So what took you so long to try it?

Alex: Time and opportunity. I’ve wanted to visit for a long time, but I get paid hourly, and to set aside enough time and resources to make a trip out West was not something I was able to do comfortably until recently.

AskMen: And how was your first time?

Alex: Fantastic. Electra was great at walking me through the steps involved at Sheri’s and, at the same time, making me feel comfortable even before we agreed to spend any time together. As we did spend a few hours together, we were able to talk for a bit before getting intimate, taking time in between sessions to converse some more, and learn a bit about the person on the other side of the screen.

AskMen: Electra, how did your client do for a first-timer?

Electra: He was wonderful! So great, in fact, that when we were done, I immediately had to text my wife about how great he was.

AskMen: Alex, how did the reality match your expectations?

Alex: I didn’t know what to expect when I walked through the doors, but what I saw was a very clean, professional environment. The experience I had with Electra surpassed any fantasy I could possibly imagine.

AskMen: Electra, what can a first-timer do to impress you?

Electra: I always appreciate someone who is well groomed, respectful, able to communicate what they’re looking for, and doesn’t try to argue or haggle too much about budget.

AskMen: Alex, would you do it again?

Alex: Absolutely, it was an unforgettable time, and I am currently working on getting some time to go back.

AskMen: Electra, what are the biggest first-time mistakes?

Electra: Not being an open book about what you want. I think a lot of people, especially first-timers, are so nervous they find it hard to vocalize what they’re looking for. We come from a culture that doesn’t like talking about sex, and (especially) if you have any particular fetishes or interests, it can be very nerve-racking to share that! But if you don’t ask, we can’t make it happen! Be open and upfront about everything you’re looking for before you finalize your booking and that way, we can make sure we’re able to give you everything you’re looking for.

AskMen: Alex, what is your advice for a newbie?

Alex: Be respectful, and be open about what you’re into. The more you communicate the better your experience.

AskMen: Electra, do you have anything to add?

Electra: Truly, one of my biggest turn-ons is making people’s fantasies and dreams come true. I love getting to make that happen all the time at the ranch! It’s particularly an honor anytime I meet my fans, and they get to have the experience of fucking their favorite pornstar, or when I get to be someone’s first time or help realize a fantasy they’ve had for a long time.

That said, I love making people feel good, and my favorite part of the job has been getting to meet so many different types of people and figuring out what they’re interested in! Whether it’s threesomes (or more-somes), a specific fantasy, or just giving someone the best blowjob they’ve ever had… I am so honored to get to have this job and to get to help people feel their best.

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